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30 April 2009


Sasha Not So Fierce

REALLY? It was a "prank"? Is that what they are saying now?

Umm nice try Rod, thanks but we all know Matthew and Tina hired that "model" ... Who knows, maybe they hired a "singer" too for a few studio sessions!


i don't think daddy knowles hired this bey impersonator, it was obviously a hoax. but not that it doesn't give matthew and tina some ideas for the future,.


There are obviously some very deluded people here. Radio stations sometimes pull hoaxes. They admitted to it. Beyonce had nothing to do with this. Get over it and get a life.


Of course it was an impostor!

Beyonce would never, ever EVER consider blowing off an important historical museum to shop for shoes!

Wake up people and stop drinking the Bey Haterade! It's probably tasty at first but obviously leaves a very bitter after taste!

Sasha Not So Fierce

"It's probably tasty at first but obviously leaves a very bitter after taste!"

Like a certain someone's singing or her performance in Dreamgirls ...


Mark Andrew

Here's the picture of who they thought was Beyoncé...LOL. Those silly Austrians:



lol @ sasha


Nope not calming down the Beyonce haters at all. Sasha and Eddy y'all need be ashamed of yourselfs, now you seeing conspiracies everywhere.


@ Mark:

Thanks and that girl looks nothing like Beyonce ... Nothing lol


People want this woman to fail so much and yet she never does. Howard Stern and the whole darn internet media saying she fake sings. Now this crap. Beyonce made $85 million last year doing what she loves. Most of you make $30,000 (if that) doing something you HATE!


I'd say Cadillac Records, Pink Panther 2, etc were failures.

Who cares how much Bey made, she still talks country and ghetto..just because someone "makes money" doesn't mean they're great. Are you saying 50 Cent is a genius? What about Rick Ross? What about Lil Wayne?

There are outstanding singers and actors who don't make $85 million a year and can sing and act circles around BeyBey.


Is that you Tina Knowles @ JONES83?

Cute new lil screen name...they got you on internet duty now?


This is funny! Why would they send that poor looking woman to impersonate Bey, LOL! Its so sad that folks still believe it was Beyonce who sent the impersonator! She gets so much HATE, but she doesn't let it get her down. I love her music and she is so TALENTED! Maybe she isn't your cup of tea, but some of the over-the-top HATE is Ridiculous! I don't like Britney Spears, but girlfriend has made a formidable career for herself and I can respect that. I don't have to go on blogs and post hateful mess just because I don't like her!


that chick looks nothing like beyonce. i guess we all look like, huh? especially to the germans and austrians

S. Flemming

I don't think it is all hate ... I think it's plain exhaustion. I mean we have been beaten over the head with this chick for over a decade. People are sick of looking at her ... that's why a backlash is forming against her. No other pop icons - MJ, Janet, Madonna, Prince - none of 'em - have been as wildly overexposed as Beyonce, even at their peaks. It is pure insanity. On the other hand, as rapidly as tastes change I don't blame her ... get yours while you can. Personally I don't really see what all the fuss is about, but she's doing her thing so I guess it's all good.

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