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20 May 2009



LOLMBAO @ "Beards"" w

You ain't never lied baby lol


Awww don't they look cute together.
50 Cents finally is embracing his inner gay and hanging out with fags hags...awwww


50 Cent is NOT gay.
He is too much homophobe and was dating Ciara and Vivica.
Sorry Rod now matter how much you want him to be hanging out with Bette Midler and Tim Gunn doesnt mean he is gay.


I just threw up a little in my mouth....


Tre, DL gay men are some of the worst homophobes out there. I don't know whether or not 50 cent is gay, but your reasoning is not proof that he isn't gay.

Kevin Perez

Bette Midler certainly is kicking it well. She's more fabolous than Fiddy cent.


Next up, Fiddy will be "kicking it" at Gay Prides!


"The campy gangsta rap superstar shows off his new beard ... "

You deserve an award for that alone!

Baltimore Femme

"He is too much homophobe and was dating Ciara and Vivica."

Oh really? Those are about the only two women Fiddy been linked to...and Ciara also dated Bow Wow. She's like the Penelope Cruz of hip hop.

But yea...I would say hanging with Bette and Tim Gunn is pretty gayish, no?


good for him. he's got millions of dollars. it's time to leave the foolishness alone and pursue more adult activities.

i'm no 50 cent fan but i'm sure some of you have mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters who have called a few folks "fags" over the years. occasionally the moral indignation and relentless attacks by some of you wear me out. breath people. have a light moment every now and again...


@ Tre:

Are you for real? Gay bashing thugs are some of the biggest closet cases. That's why they are so vocal!! It's called 'projecting'. But you really don't have any proof he is straight either so it matters not ...

Oh and yeah, lighten up. A 'beard' and Better Midler? Too mf'ing funny.


--->And by "beard" of course we're referring to 50 Cent's butch, new facial hair. The campy gangsta rap superstar shows off his new beard ... and the fabulous Better Midler"

I'll cosign Mechadude and say you are once again carrying on. Fiddy Beards with Better, love it and love that you keep me laughing.

@ Freeleo:

I agree. I am not a 50 fan but he looks very happy and comfortable here. No shooting or violence and he can relax. I hope he does make record with Bette and come sto gay pride, the children would love him if he just dropped the act.


Give the guy some credit for trying to 'grow up' and act responsibly.


he looks really good. has a healthy look about him.


I was hoping that they'd collaborate on a remake of Bette's song "Big Socks".


While I loathe that stuff he calls music, the whole genre for that fact, and the lyrics of it, he is actually kinda handsome with the beard, the one on his face!


Does this mean 50 will be a honarary Harlette? When will he be fitted for his fish tail costume?


now do you really want to see that big man in a fishtail costume, dluv? lol


If 50 puts on a fishtail costume, does that mean Kanye will swim after him?


LOL.. yes..then eat him as he should....


Bette found out he was gay. So she is showing him the ropes.

@ Tre... he's gay and everyone else in Gay-Unit is too. It's a fact!



just because you say it's a fact doesn't make it so. i'm going to need to see the footage you shot when you were being passed around by the unit to see which one you fit best. who was the best g?


i must say....not a bad look for 50. i ready for the grown and sexy 50. PLEASE LORD


FREELEO: yes! Jim: yes! Clams on the half-shell, Fiddy!


Freeleo, u were the btm that me & Fiddy was passing around.

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