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15 May 2009


Georgia Peach

Here we go again....
a black person with a solid pro-gay voting record who is questioned and berated when she makes a decision that has nothing to do with gays.

Umm no offense but the president doesn't support marriage equality. Does that mean everyone working for the fed government or White House shares that position or is against gay rights or gay marriage? Give me a break.


Justice Leah Ward Sears is a fierce sistah...if she says she is joining this organization to work on cutting down divorce (Which most straight pro-family types should) ... that is good enough for me.


This is what happens when people don't do exactly what others think they should do. This dovetails into the whole DADT issue where President Obama is being criticized by gay rights groups. Sears shouldn't be demonized for her decisions just because she isn't in lockstep with gay rights groups.

alicia banks

maybe she can make them actually think...and better?

as long as she is not a gaybashing church fool i am cool with it



Wow, the minute the mainstream, not at all inclusive groups get involved and start demanding things, they have one mission, to smear a person's character if he or she is not 1000% gay positive, and, this woman is above reproach with an excellent record, except to those who have others in mind and want to nitpick.

At this point in the Supreme Court thing, I'm just hoping for someone in favor of black civil rights first and foremost. Probably not the best thing to say, but, I have tired of the cough, mainstream gays and their tripe.


what luther says

some of these groups have litmus tests and are obsessed with purity. this woman ... this beautiful black woman ... was the first african american and youngest chief justice in our history. she knows what she is doing. and as a judge she does not have to answer to advocacy groups and the media. but it wa svery gracious of her to respond to the associated press.


"Reducing unnecessary divorces"???????

Who is she or anyone to tell other people that they shouldn't get divorced? I get so sick of religious nutjobs like the "Institute for American Values" trying to shove their religious beliefs down other peoples' throats.

I checked out their website, and all of their stuff about protecting marriage is just window dressing for their real agenda: heterosexist, misogynistic, and sexphobic religious extremism.


As unfortunate as it is I do understand why Obama, especially during his first administration, should not tackle any gay issues head on. He is a first-term president who wants exacttly what all his predecessors wanted and many got. A second term.

He is appointing a judge, not a god. Judges are no different than anyone else, especially after being awarded the power to alter the way the entire country lives. There are times when they have to make peace with the many while balancing things humanely for the few. This is going to sound very hypocrital to what I just said but I do not include Clarence Thomas in that previous statement. ALL of his opinions MIRROR Antonin Scalia. That is too, too many to be coincidental. Not sum but ALL??

Just a little note. President Jimmy Carter told Thurgood Marshall if he would step aside he (Carter) would appoint another black judge. Marshall refused. Our next.....well, you know the rest.

I say let's give her a chance. Let's hope she can provide the same fresh air Obama came in with. As for her involvement in this think tank I ignore it because I see it as necessary income. Keep in mind after the first Bush administration Condoleeza Rice took a position at the Brookings Institute. They are right wing but still a think tank does provide necessary supplemental income for those who are highly visible but still not wealthy.

I know tomorrow is Sunday but let's hope anyway by then he will be given a reason to replace Clarence Thomas too.


"He is a first-term president who wants exacttly what all his predecessors wanted and many got. A second term."

Then Obama has to do something to get it. Just showing up doesn't cut it. And no ma'am, I'm sorry but advising Obama to do "nothing" on gay issues is very very bad advice. He wants my vote again, he has to earn it. Just like his predecessors did.

I'm willing to give Obama the benefit of the doubt and give him some time. But I'm not going to wait 4 yrs then a few more years and put my life and rights under the bus just to give him another term. That's crazy talk.


Oh and Libhomo:

Your comments and your blog sound crazier and crazier. Leah Ward Sears voted to overturn Georgia's sodomy law and wrote the majority opinion. Maybe that doesn't sound "gay-friendly" on whatever planet you are from. It does on planet Earth.

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