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13 May 2009



This truly is a tragic story. Thanks for staying on it.

I hope the teachers and principal are named in the suit too. They will learn to ignore this type of bullying.


No kind of monetary settlement will bring Jaheem back, but hope that the family wins.


I do hope the parent(s) of the few kids who befriended Jaheem allow them to cooperate with the investigation. The school system and the ignorant teachers and administrators who ignored this poor kids' cry for help know their rear ends are on the line here and I do hope it causes them to sit up in the middle of the night and come to terms with what their callousness caused.

Holding a kid in a headlock until they pass out is going past schoolyard bullying. A win is going to force many public schools, especially in black communities across the nation, to understand there is a sub minority within their ranks that they now, by law, have to deal with and protect from the ignorant teachings (anti-gay rants by homophobic teachers and preachers)that have been taught to past generations of blacks.

alicia banks

great news!


i would also seek damages from the parents of the bullies!!!

and i hope it has a lasting effect on schools nationwide as gaybashing bullies are wilding everywhere!....



I hope they win their case as well...

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