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17 May 2009


D. Askew

The Roman Catholic Church is full of these angry old white guys. Priests, bishops, cardinals, popes, activists, antigay zealots...

They are just angry the world is changing and they are not. Sad, but that is their legacy.


alan keyes is such a has been. he is desperately trying to remain relevant because we have a black president now. but there is a world of difference between obama and keyes. keyes will never inhabit the white house and he knows this. another grumpy old man.

Kevin Perez

Were there actually any students protesting this?


Many of the students looked at the fact GW Bush was invited even after he refused the popes request for mercy for a condemned man. This was to be expected.

Alan Keyes is well aware there is big money for blacks willing to speak out against Obama and he is showing the true colors of his arse. If Tavis Smiley had a trickle of a white audience he too would have jumped over but he knows better.

Kevin Perez

Rod, thanks for posting this! You have no idea how much this makes me happy!


These pictures are beautiful. Everyday when Obama wakes up, he continues to make history. I still get emotional. Awesome job, Rod. Thanks! :)

Gee Gee

Where were these "Nuts" when these dam priest were touching, and still touching these lil boys?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Uber hypocrisy...


He should have called them out as the hypocrites that they are, they will fight for an unborn child and yet, once the kid is here have no issue letting him or her languish in poverty. I am so sick of the church institutions trying to dictate policy in this country and the hate mongers in it I could scream like most of those boys did when they were getting abuse by the freaks in robes.


Luther and D.Askew, I couldn't agree with you more!

Thanks for posting this Rod.

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