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21 May 2009



OMG I am such the Natalie Cole fan!
Congratulations Natalie we love you!

Take your time, rest up and don't push it.

Love that woman. Bless her.


ain't life grand? take care natalie and know that we are here for you


absolutely love her and wish her the best. I could hear her sing "Im catching Hell' anytime


Wish you all the best Ms. Natalie. Love you.

I wore out at least three pair of heels back in the day twirling to Pink Cadillac.


All my love to you, Natalie!


Natalie Cole has ALWAYS put a smile on my face both with her wonderful singing and gracious personality, and this news just makes me BEAM!

Congratulations Miss Cole!


One classy lady. Miss Cole you are in my prayers.


On a sad note, Natalie's younger sister Tomilin just died from lung cancer. Natalie was with her when she had received news of an available kidney. Natalie didn't want to deal with it at that time, but she was told that they only had a 2 hour window to perform the kidney transplant. My heart goes out to Natalie. This has to be a very rough time for her on so many levels.


My apologies. I was mistaken. Natalie's sister Cookie died, not Timolin. Again, I'm sorry for mentioning the wrong sister.

Andy Niable

To borrow the phrase from FaceBook: "Andy Niable Likes This."

Meet Me On The Moon

God bless her, she has a good heart.

Honut SInti

Good to hear that Natalie is doing fine after the kidney transplant, but sad about the news of her sister.

Also, doesn't Natalie have a brother? I seem to recall mention of him years ago.


Her brother, Nat Kelly Cole, died from AIDS in 1995. He was her only brother.


Was not her brother gay?

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