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28 May 2009



I guess I need to read more about Sotomayor. The right is hand-wringy about her without giving me much of WHY except for some youtube clip that didnt offer much except something taken completely out of context. If it's because she is not a centrist or right-leaning....well then I guess I can understand.


..."Meanwhile: Senators and advocacy groups are still girding for this summer's battle, "partly with an eye toward raising money"...

That's what this is all about. Raising money and membership for the Republicans and right wing groups. They know they will not win.

Thank god!


The more the Repugs argue against her, the more I see them trying to paint her as a stereotypical hot-tempered, unpredictable, emotional Latina. This is definitely going to work against them and will lose the Latino votes for years to come. Out of curiosity, are there newspaper archives available online of when Thurgood Marshall was nominated to the SCOTUS? I wonder what was the opposition toward him then. I'm sure it's the same arguments they're going to use against Sotomayor.

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