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18 May 2009



I love how he keeps putting his hoof in his mouth every time he opens it, too bad he isn't concerned about all the small business that don't offer a living wage or even bother to give their employees health care. The GOP has a wedge issue that they are going to use for the next two election cycles and we have to make sure they are countered with the facts and truth a gay marrige does not infringe on a straight one.


Human Rights are bad for business.

Which is why I fight for child labor laws to be repealed.
And the removal of pregnancy leave for women.
Also why I do not hire handicap persons
Or people with previous medical conditions

They just fck up my bottom line.



these Republicans are a piece of work. after casting marriage in religious terms and saying it was against the law of the holy bible, now they want to use an economic argument? pathetic

but what is really sad is that mr negro in charge has no power, his troops are not listening to him


Even better for small business -- abolish marriage altogether. That way,big business and small businesses alike won't have to be financially responsible for their spouses -- since they are no longer spouses!


The sad thing is he doesn't see that he's a joke to republicans. they don't give a crap about him. he's the pet to win over blacks and it isn't helping .

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