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21 May 2009


Chad Montgomery

yes that is a 100% denial if i ever heard one

Face and Waist


The Wayans brothers? really?


They're a hot mess, but they have found their niche in the movie industry with their dumber than dumb parodies (which I admit generate a few chuckles from yours truly). I do note that they seemed cool with the whole idea, which is step forward from what others would say.


"Anybody who makes a million dollars is gay."
Er, no Shawn. Anybody who is giving off major gay vibes is suspected.

"There are pictures of me with my kids!"
Marlon, there are gay men who are married to women and, as hard as it may be for you to believe, have kids! Gasp!

"Did we come out with the YMCA wig on or something?"
What the hell is a YMCA wig? People actually PAY to see your "comedies?"


--->There are pictures of me with my kids!

Not exactly a denial. But being married or having children doesn't mean you can't be gay or closeted Shawn.

But YOU know that already.


all of them are very good looking and are aging so well.


Chris... that's make-up. Jus' kiddin'

Anyway... since there are so many kids in this family, it would not surprise me that two of them are gay. I know a big family that had two gay brothers.

I know one of them Wayans is gay.

Charles T

Shawn is the fine one.

Oh and the gay one is Keenan Ivory Wayans.

Trust and believe!


I wish I cared.
Why do they have to be gay?
It always struck me as odd that only cute and attractive men are assumed to be gay.
No one is checking to see if Dwele or Flavor Flav or Tom Joyner or Cee-Lo is gay.
It really lends credence to the notion that gay are superficial.

Just like the new guys Kid Cudi and Drake people are like ohh they are gay, I bet they gay, do you think they are gay. I promise you if they were not handsome young men no one would bother to speculate on their sexuality.

The wayans brothers are a lot of things. Mostly corny. But never struck me as gay.


@ famu:

for someone who doesn't "care" you wrote the longest comment.

they said being called gay was the "craziest" thing they heard...might not be true but its not impossible

Ten in My Timbz

I agree the Wayans Brothers are boring and corny. But they do have gayish tendencies. That's a fact!

Oh and ATL makes some points...in *any* family there are gay people. Some of yall carry on like no one in there family (or them) can be gay...I know a family with 5 sons and two are gay!!!


@ FAMU...

No one is checking to see if Dwele or Flavor Flav or Tom Joyner or Cee-Lo is gay, because they are UGLY!!!!

Who wants to sleep with FAT Cee-Lo, looking like a big dodge-ball. And you should dodge him.

Flavor Flav is dark and burnt and skinny.

Tom Joyner is old and out of shape.

Of course you want the cute and athletic built ones' to be gay. DUH! Who wants to sleep with ugly-ness?


I saw Marlon at an electronics store a while back, and he did not come off as a straight guy.


@ ATLboi:

"DARK"? Really?
Flavor Flav is just fugly,. But there are fine dark men and fine light men. And fugly dark men and fugly light men.

You really really sound like a silly color struck southern queen. smh



Dumb-ass, I didn't say there wasn't fine dark/light men.

Obviously you can't comprehend English.

Stop making assumptions 'cause you come off as the silly queen. SMH!






There are always more young kweens on this blog when school is out. I'm just sayin'....

Honut SInti

....and thank you panelists.

Audience, please join us next time on "Bitches R Us" when we discuss: Finger Snaps or Hand Claps and what they say about You!


harry bentlyer

@ Carlos:

I'm glad you called ATLboi out. We both can comprehend English. It is ATLboi that needs to work on his grammar. If he worked on his grammar, he could convey a message without the possibility of readers misinterpreting his statements. He clearly stated that Flavor Flav was "dark and burnt and skinny." That was a triple negative. Once you called ATLboi out, he decided to back track on his idiotic statement.

Again, Kudos to you Carlos!!!


Mr. FAMU made a really good point, the only point of even talking about non-issues, and yes they are light hearted at the same time is centered around only men ppl normally perceive as being sexy or cute which structure being a gay man in the shallow category.

Example, you had T-pain giving a vivid interview in the past about a sex tape he has seen w/ Ray-J & Kim K. (when they were dating) and all T-pain could talk about was how well hung Ray J is???? If that was Jahiem, John Legend, Chris Brown ect. everyone would be still talking about what was said by one of these men. Yes we all know there are closeted music artist, actors and athletes exist however every we deem as attractive to us isnt gay.


I love them and their marketing style. It is really brilliant when you stop to think about it.

Why tell people what basically is none of theirs? Let them guess. Let them laugh. And let them pay.

Even though I haven't seen it in several years I still laugh at that scene in Scary Movie 1 when Ms. Mann uncrossed her legs in front of that girl.


I would love to know if Cee-Lo was gay. I would date him in a minute. Not once when looking at him did I ever think "dodge ball".

Just like the Christians who simply believe whatever their pastors tell them is right and wrong, way too many gay men simply believe whatever the TV, the magazines, and their peers tell them is and isn't attractive.


FAT isn't attractive cause it's not healthy.

Common sense.

moon unit

ATLboi, you're a black man I would avoid with your color struck attitude. The other poster who called you out was right -- plus you need a remedial course in reading and writing comprehension!


While it's true, ATLboi, that fat to the point of unhealthiness is something to be worked on — after all, who wants to see his loved one suffer from the health problems that come from obesity? — brilliance and talent are both very attractive.

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