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04 June 2009





this really is very clever...
the bible thumpers pretend marriage has always been "one man, one woman." nothing could be farther from truth.

it was custom to hjave multiple wives in biblical times but we don't do that anymore.

at least not in this country, not legally anyways.


sorry about that i meant "have multiple wives", ugh


ROFLMBAO @ "In the beginning of time, oh about 6000 years ago"


the family that slays and plays together plays together!

freakin classic

very selective reading of the bible these "traditional" marriage folks have for sure

Cindy Birdsong the Good Supreme

Okay it was the "custom" to have multiple wives in biblical times but it was never sanctioned. In fact one the "sins" condemned in the bible against the jewish kings was that they "multiplied wives".
Jesus said: "From the beginning it was one man and one woman. As far as multiple wives how happy do you thin thos women were to share one man? Betty Bowers IS funny but her info is a little skewed.


I LOVE THIS!!!! Fact is always stranger than fiction. Most bible thumpers push fiction because they either don't really know the bible, or they know it and overlook all the sin and foolishness in it to protect their immorality.

Chris Cruz

@ Cindy:

"Betty Bowers IS funny but her info is a little skewed."

Wow. You must be a detective.
Bowers is a comedian.

That's an interesting scripture you found but where is it? What is the scripture and citation?
Jesus NEVER said "one man and one woman" or mentioned heterosexuality or marriage. I don't ever recall him mentioning homosexuality either ... if you really want to go there.

The larger point is many so called "christians" rail against gays and marriage and take a very selective view of the Bible. People had slaves, married off their children, married their children, had multiple wives, etc. That is the larget point.

But gays aren't talking about religious marriage. They're talking about civil marriage which you can get at city hall. many so called christians have had three or four of these. Or more.


Betty Bowers and Pastor Deacon Fred from Landover Baptist are the best spoof fundamentalist christians!

Of course you know their response would be "well that's the old testament and Jesus changed the rules" even though Jesus and God supposed to be the same person.....

Former COGIC


I've seen your comments on here before and remember you had some good things to say about Bea Arthur. I'm just curious...are you a Christian who is against gays? Or are you a progressive Christian?

We get so many people here trying to cast stones. It isn't fair, this is our space to argue and discuss our issues. But you are welcome if you have an open mind and heart.

Oh and yes absolutely, Cindy Birdsong was the BEST SUPREME.


LOL.. the photo alone is scary enough..

cindy, even moses the law giver had multiple wives..


This was funny as hell until the very end.


@Raheem LOL gotta laugh at the young earth creationists. the sumerians were already brewing beer 6000 years ago

Cindy Birdsong the Good Supreme

Former COGIC,
I am not against gays at all; not at all and I thank you for your welcoming attitude, thanks so much.

@ Chris Cruz; I did not come here (nor do I visit) to be in conflict with anyone. As for the scriptural references you can find Jesus talking about marriage in the context of one man and one woman in Matthew the 19th chapter. He even limited very extemely the divorce allowance. It is very clear that Jesus is referring to one man and one woman.
Moses was apparently divorced. His wife left him over the issue of circumcision and he married another. BOTH of his wives were black. He liked chocolate.

Deuteronomy 17:17 is the reference against "multiplying wives". I will truly leave it here. I don't wish to fight or argue . I just made a contribution to the discussion. If it is unwelcomed, okay. I'll leave it alone. I am not here to preach or argue. I just wanted to give my perspective.

Hey Former COGIC: Yes, you are right, Cynthia Birdong Hewlett is the BEST Supreme. I love her.

Rod Mc

Cindy, you most certainly are welcome here. You've left several comments before, they were all good, and have never said anything anti-gay or homophobic. We can appreciate different perspectives and a good back and forth. But many of us have been persecuted or attacked in our own lives, and hope this can be a safe space.

Oh and anyone who loves Cindy Birdsong is a friend of mine. If you know what I mean. :) -RM


I sent this to 12 friends and so far 9 have sent replys thanking me. Everyone laughed. This is funny.

Once again you made my day. Thanks.

Cindy Birdsong the Good Supreme

Rod Mc,

Big Silly looking smile from me; Thanks.
From one Cindy Lover to another.


Chris and Cindy,

Not only did Jesus mention marriage as between a man and a woman in Matthew 19:3-10, but in fact he did also mention homosexual men -- or at least the heterosexually abstinent type of men that we moderns call homosexuals -- in Matthew 19:11-12, specifically as a counterpoint to marriage.

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