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10 June 2009



I am sure we will soon see her on FOX News as a contributor.


DING DONG the witch is dead!


Oh, i can see the conservatives riding this one for all its worth - "The lil christian girl fired for her beliefs" - while she was actually fired for her contract violations.infact she was given a second chance.

Or perhaps this was Trump's intentions all along?to let her keep the crown only to fire her a month later and generate even more publicity?


the family values crowd is already blaming her dismissal on her "conservative beliefs", lol. watch fox news.


@ Tandio

Sorry, I don't watch FOX News. The last time I did, I broke out in hives. Wouldn't stop itching for a week.


Cry me a freakin river.


awww, poor baby. will life ever be the same?


This is SO about this woman's moneymaking ability, for the fundamentalists and herself. She was NEVER going to make any headway OR money as Miss California, but the QUACKS now have a "pretty front woman" (I'm so sure that Ann Colter is furious!) who they can put on tv to cry a river (see LIBHOMO) about how poorly they are being treated by the liberals...BLAH BLAH BLAH!

She'll be showing up a lot of places crying about how badly she couldn't do what she wanted to do in honoring the CA position...she's a hoot, but can we please let her go quietly into that good night before we stupidly make her another PARIS HILTON!?


Thank you!


This was obviously planned all long to not give the gays any ammo.

That would mean Trump is a gay hater and doesn't support gays.

I agree with faison.... she WILL be on Fox, no doubt.


Pharrell Luvr

I would not be surprised if Donald Trump planned this all along justto keep up the publicity.


so do the breast implants go to miss malibu, too?


I know this sounds very immature but all I can say is HAHA YOU STUPID B!TCH!! lol

I can't believe some people feel sorry for this idiot. This all may have been started by a question which she answered honestly and she's entitled to her opinion but she can't seem to understand that once she started doing work for anti gay marriage organizations she became fair game. I don't hate her for her feeling on the matter but I do not like that she is trying to deny people rights.

Kevin Perez

I always felt she was "mild" compared to the bigoted "Hate the sin not the sinner" Christians the claim to "love" us and "misunderstood" and that they don't "hate" us just are "lifestyle" which simply put is our very existence.

apres moi

clearly this girl didn't come to realize that Trump already gave her a free pass the first time and that she'd be under the radar until her year ended. She probably thought "i don't wanna do those Super Walmart grand openings. Those are beneath me" Unfortunately, she's taken the spot light away from Ms. America, who's probably already hating Prejean for being some high maintenance scene/drama queen.

long island gal

Miss California Carrie Prejean joined and won the pageant knowing the responsibilities of getting into this. She shouldn't have joined the pageant if she's not willing to fulfill everything. Very irresponsible and bad example.

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