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26 June 2009



Who made this woman a prophet?
As far as I can tell, she is not even an ordained minister.

Former COGIC

Well, at some point you have to learn to love yourself. I am THRILLED to hear he is no longer attending that church. The last thing you want to be is a 30 or 40 year old man and going through that crazy nonsense, speaking in tongues and seeking "deliverance." I been THERE and went through those same practices, my father was a COGIC pastor, and uncles were elders.

Thank god he found true deliverance with an affirming church!!!!





I wonder how many gay men sat in that service and watched it happen?


Thank you Rod for highlighting this ignorance. I am glad to hear the boy has left this so-called church -- more like a cult. Hopefully he can make this horrible experience a distant memory one day. Situations like this make me realize how blessed I was growing up. When I told my parents at 18, they accepted me without questions and drama. That love has emboldened me to live my life happily and without emotional obstacles. They helped me get through losing the love of my life two years ago. They were a rock to anchor my weary soul to.


That's the same thing I was thinking Kevjack...I am sure there were several. There usually is at least one or two gay men in the storefront black churches. They know what was going on was wrong but hate themselves too much to say anything.


..."On this particular Sunday we were just worshiping the Lord. This young man came to us and said he had a spirit he wanted cleansed...and then he just fell on the floor....

Really? REALLY? is that what happened Prophet Patricia, the boy just walked up to you and fell out? No one pushed him or surrounded him...No one forced him???


This cow needs to stick to grazing out in the field where she and her ignorant beliefs belongs.


Protest in front of the church. These church folks love to protest at soldiers' funerals and blame their deaths on gay folks and they love to protest abortion clinics and doctors' homes. So why not turn the tables on them. Annoy the demons out of them.


"i am a recovering crackhead..."

no shade, but that's all i needed to know...


It's intriguing to me to hear people who are not LGBT or who try in any way to understand the journey for people who say things like:


It's vile and vulgar to me, especially when Black people do this, because we have heard this same thing many things when we talk to white people about what it's like to be black. They don't understand and want to believe that everything is just fine for everyone. When people say I JUST DONT BELIEVE IN THEIR LIFESTYLE or any version thereof, they are saying I DONT GET IT. I wouldn't make that "choice," as though being hated by your neighbors, strangers and your own family is a choice that anyone would make.

When a 16 year old says I am struggling, you pray their strength, you pray that God would guide and direct their path, you pray that they would know God's love. YOU DON'T WHIP THEM. YOU DON'T LAY ON TOP OF THEM. YOU DON'T CALL OUR HATEFUL THINGS!

In Matthew 23, JESUS, on fire with the Word after the Pharisses and chief priests tried to bombard him with questions about laws and things that they thought would make him stumble and show his shortcomings and lack of knowledge, cried his WOES TO MEN.

In verse 15, Jesus says:

"Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are.

Later, in verse 27, he says:

"Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of dead men's bones and everything unclean. 28 In the same way, on the outside you appear to people as righteous but on the inside you are full of hypocrisy and wickedness.

I bring this up because there are so many people who are broken by the church and people get mad at God and religions, when really Jesus spoke about these kinds of LIES and DECEIT, IN THE CHURCH, during his own times.

I am so glad that this young man has found a SANCTUARY where he could worship and have the relationship with God that he was raised with and still know that God loves him, in spite of what people say.

I dream of a world where we are, those who desire to be in their hearts, building churches and worshipping and praying and releasing and having church, free from hypocrisy!

I know that someone things that I do this just to try to get people at my church! I don't. I do this to get people to CHURCH. I just want my brothers, my sisters, ALL OF US, who want in our hearts a relationship with God, to be able to wake up on Sunday morning and say, with a pure heart and a clear mind, that I WANT TO GO TO CHURCH.


I just want us to be able to worship in Spirit and in Truth and when vile cretins like this unsanctified hateful heart woman, who might have been decided to open a church but who clearly wasn't call to save souls, I GET PISSED!

I love that I know the Jesus who turned over tables and said the things that he said in Matthew 23. It's time to call the hypocrites out AND call the lost IN. It's time for us to have church and not just sit through service because the music is good or because Momma is there or because the choir is fierce!

THE WORD OF GOD COMMANDS US (in the Ten Commandments that does NOT include THOU SHALL NOT BE HOMOSEXUAL) that THOU SHALL NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS! At the end of the day, that is always my concern about and prayer for people sitting in hate, listening and saying nothing. You co-sign it and you will be judged for being in the presence of overt hate. Sure preachers and pastors and churches are doing lots of dirt behind the scenes, but this hatred is spewed over the pulpit and to stay is to bear witness to it. If you dont believe it in, you can't sit through it, saying I was raised there. You must go. Staying says you believe in it. Staying says its okay. Stays bears witness. Every time we co-sign the lie that God would create an entire orientation that can be found in Japan and Jackson, MS, in Madrid and Manhattan, in Denmark and Denver, in Iran and in Africa, we make God to be a liar, having set us to die broken and cast in hell. GOD is not a man that God would lie. GOD is saddened by this kind of hate and that will be clear when the time comes. But what I do know today is that the book of Jeremiah says that BEFORE YOU WERE FORMED IN YOUR MOTHER'S WOMB, I KNEW YOU! I know that God knows me and made me as I am and, here's the great news (the gospel), GOD LOVES ME JUST AS I AM!



This story, and oddly the untimely death of Michael Jackson, who is in my age group and making me feel my mortality and my purpose right now, has given me a RENEWED FIRE to win souls for God and create SANCTUARY! That's the purpose of the church. TO BE SANCTUARY.

I love that, while Jesus was angry and turning over the table and throwing people out of his father's church, out of the temple, several people--cripple and lame, blind and broken, came to him for healing.


WOW...thanks for letting me preach.

Shane Moseley

@ Rev Kev:

You'd better preach!

We are having some church up n here, up n here!

Chitown Kev

@Rev Kev

The only thang missing up in hear is my fan. Preach!

This woman is evil. That's all I really have to say.

Sean Beasley

now I feel even more sorry this poor young man had to be subject to this hateful homophobic wannabe and so called prophetess. she reminds me of the evil judgmental women in my family's church.

and i would rather have church with rev kev any day of the week!!



@Rev Kev....thats was soooooooooooo on point..

Son of a Bishop

Rev. Kev,

God Bless you my brother. Your words filled my heart with joy.


JUST AS I AM, tell it Rev!

Honut SInti

I will say it again, some people are:

Blessed with life and cursed with stupidity.

Tip that unholy cow in the field!


Rev Kev:

Enjoyed your post!! Clearly, you understand the impact of religious oppression. Yet let’s take this logic one step further.

Before colonialism, Africa demonstrated many of the same innate affirmation and acceptance of homosexuality much like the indigenous Americans. Homosexuals were an integral part of African society without our present-day stigma found in Africa and overly religious descendants of slaves.

One of the obstacles we have to face as black people is recapturing our spirituality without the lens of our oppressors. For instance, when the Europeans invaded Africa their views of sexuality stem from an outgrowth of hierarchal controls and inheritance rights. They were prudish and sexually repressed for the most part; and these perceptions were the lens used to influence their Christian beliefs which were forced on us.

Think about it! Europeans by virtue of in-depth research and education has gone from making homosexuality unlawful to finding a place at the table and literally accepting homosexuality as normal part of the human continuum in most of our modern democracies. This is important!

Consequently, Africans and Native Americans knew for certain just from natural evolution that homosexuality was normal but was essentially beaten and religiously reeducated from our psychic, due to cultural dominance and oppression from European ignorance and misguided superiority.

As a result, many religious Africans and descendents of slaves have taken the same prudish lens about sexuality that our oppressors have discovered no more use for because it’s abusive and uncivilized.

We haven’t always thought this way even during the most oppressive time of our history, there was a place at the table for homosexuals in our past. Somehow in our own minds, we have accepted that our oppressors knew better than we already did and that degrading homosexuals is the lens to view the Bible through. The same Bible used to oppress us.

We cannot any longer just accept the Bible from a literal standpoint. We owe it to ourselves to question every aspect of Christianity; interpreted from our oppressors and the lens they forced us to view the Bible from. It should make every supposed preacher and congregant Biblical scholars just to understand the historical significance of a religious thought taught to us through the prism of colonialism.

Inasmuch, we have to understand that much of our understanding and influence of Christianity has not only been influenced by colonialism but our indigenous spirituality as well and our superstitions.


Why did I say all of this? Clearly, this woman is uneducated and a good rigorous academic thrashing would calm her nerves. If these folks would go through a biology class – I bet we wouldn’t hear God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve, when they get a load of all the various animals who engaged in same-sex coupling.

It’s just plain ignorance!


What's funny about this whole thing is what bothered me the most about this whole thing... is that she kept saying "alls".


The world is so upset about this video post b/c they don't know Jesus (John 14:17). If people really knew Jesus there would not be such an uprising against this video because it is based upon Biblical practices. Jesus casted out unclean spirits and he has given us the power to do the works that he did and even greater (John 14:12). These types of events are nothing new. Demons have been being casted out of people for decades within the Holiness church, and just as you see it done in the video, that is how it is done. I believe that Prophetess Mckinney is telling the truth in that they were all worshiping and the all of the sudden the homosexual fell to the floor. Anyone with an unclean spirit that is in the midst of worshipers invoking the Holy Spirit will feel attacked, not them themselves, but the unclean spirit that is w/in them b/c it is not of God and will therefore act out in convulsions due to the power of the Holy Spirit. It is literally a war. Homosexuality is a stronghold and once that spirit is deeply rooted in someone, if it is casted out, it will not want to come out and will war against the Holy Spirit (as you saw in the video). People of the world need to wake up and smell the coffee because ALL OF THIS IS REAL, AND ALL WHO PRACTICE IT ALONG WITH THIEVES, DRUNKARDS, OR FORNICATORS WILL NOT INHERIT THE KINGDOM OF GOD (1 Cor. 6:9)! What I don't understand is how homosexuals who identify as Christians will believe God on everything he says but when it comes to homosexuality, choose to turn a deaf ear. Even scientific analysis has showed that the Sodom and Gomorrah burning was real. To this day, there are still chunks of sulfur and brimstone which cover what was once the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. THE WRATH OF GOD IS REAL AND IS REVEALED AGAINST ALL UNGODLINESS!!! God is real and so is his word; get in it and become informed, so that you won't be left behind!!!


To Rev. Kev,

You obviously have some knowledge of the Word of God but you have a severely tainted view of what it means to be a Christian and above all A MAN OF GOD! You are misleading the sheep of your flock by embracing homosexuals and their lifestyle in your church.

"When a 16 year old says I am struggling, you pray their strength, you pray that God would guide and direct their path, you pray that they would know God's love. YOU DON'T WHIP THEM. YOU DON'T LAY ON TOP OF THEM. YOU DON'T CALL OUR HATEFUL THINGS!"

Error #1:
When a 16 y/o boy comes to a church and says the he doesn't want to live as a homosexual, as the prophetess stated, and falls to the floor (the greatest indication of demonic indwellment) in the midst of praise and worship, as one licensed to minster/preach the word of God, you have the reseponsiblity to pray against this unclean spirit as prophetess did, and if the spirit begins to take over a person body (like it did in the video) the minister then, if powerful enough, should cast the demonic/unclean spirit out. He was not whipped or called hateful things. What you saw was prophetess supernaturally whipping the chains loose of the spiritual stronghold that this young man was suffering from. He was also not called hateful names. In order to cast out a demon/unclean spirit, you have to identify it which is what the prophetess did: homosexual demon.

"I bring this up because there are so many people who are broken by the church and people get mad at God and religions, when really Jesus spoke about these kinds of LIES and DECEIT, IN THE CHURCH, during his own times."

Error #2:
The only reason people get "broken" is because they are convicted by preaching against homosexaulity and don't want to change from their wicked ways. There are no "LIES and DECEIT" in this situation, the only LIE is the homosexual lifestyle (Romans 1:25).

Prophetess is not unsanctified neither hateful; which is the entire reason she agreed to come on television--to let all know that she was only trying to rid the young man of the unclean spirit which he didn't want. No one is bearing false witness, being hypocritical, or saying that God does not love you as your are. The issue at hand is over homosexuality and your above argument is totally irrelevant because you mention scripture which has nothing to do with this matter.

What your are really doing is spewing out scripture in effort to take others minds off of the issue at hand: homosexuality. All of the scriptures you quotes are true. Yes, everyone struggles with some type of sin and are wrong for judging the homosexual, but that still does not make homosexuality right. And by you boasting that God loves you just as you are (which he does) you are giving other homosexuals the idea that God accepts homosexuality when his word clearly states that he doesn't. I am going to pray that God will TRULY touch your heart and allow you to see the lie that your living and the damnation that you are doomed for leading a gay church, b/c God is not pleased, not pleased!

I can say all of this because I myself struggle with same sex attraction. However, I know it's wrong and I don't try to use God's word out of context to pacify myself and other likeminded people. My struggle is not with homosexuality itself, but with sin. When have these feelings I rebuke them and continue on. If I wanted to live as a homosexual, I could easily make the CHOICE to accept these feelings and desires and act on them, however my love for GOD and conviction won't allow me. Homosexuality is a choice and those who follow after it will not inherit the Kingdom of God! God is not mocked!!!

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