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21 June 2009



here we go again ...


I almost hate to say this but why are the fine ones always teh crazy?


that sh!t really makes u think...

No profanity please, thanks! -RM


DUDE! i was thinking something very similar. crazy can be and often times is fine as hell. generally they just aren't this crazy.


OMG I was thinking sa,me thing this rican papi was all that

some of these older queens are dying (literally) for some puerto rican dick

be careful all of yall out there on the nets and with hookups. especially with these puerto rican and dominican trade, they are crazy and then some esp if they are trade and you want to top, no no no

Chitown Kev


While I agree that Fermanitt is quite fine, that's the type of racism that I would expect on queerty and towleroad.

I don't like there when I see it and I don't like it here at Rod's place.


WOW, that's why I always say just because something looks good to you doesn't mean it is good for you.

Another reason why I don't fool with Craigslist other than reading the personal postings for a good laugh on a boring night.


I have said before and I will say again, please be very careful with who you meet online and where you meet them. In my opinion, your first meeting should always be in public and should not include giving your home address. If you do want to hook up, please make sure to tell a friend what you are doing so they can call and check on you. I am serious about this. This strategy (calling 10/15 minutes into the hookup) probably saved one of my friends lives. The man was getting ready to rob him (or worse) when I called.

Nobody looks good enough to die for. And you don't want your friends and family to worry about you. Please be careful.

Chris Cruz

"be careful all of yall out there on the nets and with hookups. especially with these puerto rican and dominican trade, they are crazy"

Really? You crazy mean like John Katehis, the white teen who killed George Weber? Or Jeffrey Dahmer, the white serial killer who killed all those black boys? Look, speaking as a black and Puerto Rican gay man...I'll be first to say blacks and Latinos are over represented in jails and prisons. That is effed up already. But it's crazier when our own people try to play racial blame game.

As Kayman said, just because it looks good it ain't good for you. It seems like you had some bad experiences Daqwan...


it seems Rican2Crave is gay and trade hustler type. he robbed this poor man and probably was getting money for drugs or something. but who knows what went wrong. kevjack has a very good idea, i have played the buddy system many times and it has probably helped me, too. always have a friend call or check on you.


and c'mon daqwan man, you know we can do better!


Did anyone watch americas most wanted last night and notice something very familiar looking about one of the captures featured on last nights show?

A few people gave me some tips on that. I'll be posting tomorrow. Thanks. -RM

S. Flemming

They need to just shut the site down ...

Chris Cruz

If Gurlene is talking about it...it must be porn. Sorry, we're talking about an internet hookup murder here. Kthxbai!

Andre H

the summer i s here and the weather and men are hot. people, people please be careful out there!

think before you hookup, have a plan, let someone know, do something more proactive and it could save your life! let someone know who is your online hookup. one of my friends always has a friend or his roommate there when they arrive "who was just leavimng." if they freak out, its time to go!


Thank you Chris Cruz. My fan base is expanding everyday.

Chris Cruz

Didn't say it was a "fan base" but your fondness of p0rn, Tiger Tyson, etc. has been noted.


Thank God he's off the streets. We've been down this road several times already. Take heed and don't let this tragedy become your tragedy.


Saying they need to shut craiglist down is not the issue. There are always going to be fringe people who do horrible horrific things. Each and everyone of us who has ever hooked up with someone through facebook/myspace/bgc/adam4dam/craiglist need to use this as a reminder that things can and SOMETIMES will go horribly bad.

These types of things can happen when you meet someone on the dance floor and bring them back to your place you just never know. The best any of us can do is to always be cautious and think twice about how bad we want that nut.

My heart goes out to both of these men. The victim never imagined this would happen to him as many of us think. And the criminal for thinking that murder was his only option.

Their was a case on the news the other day where a woman had met up with another woman to share BABY CLOTHES and the woman killed the pregnant woman and cut her baby out of her. So its crazy all over the world. The internet adds to that and craiglist types sites add a little more. But it can happen to any of us.


"Hey Alex...I'm so sorry bout what happened and wish you the best outcome papi. Stay strong and I will pray for you. Love - E"

Um is she serious? Is this not another case of the mom or auntie who says "he was always such a good boy, he's a good kid"...

She's sorry about what happen and wishes him the best outcome? She must doesn't know that there is no way to bring a person back from the dead?

Nathan James

it's very scary stuff! Crazy can be waiting for you online, in the club, anywhere! But of those three, online is where the homicidal maniacs hang out. Over on the JMG entry about this, there was a comment posted listing all the things you can do to protect yourself, including "Don't bring anyone home who is physically stronger than you are", and "If you are a middle-aged average looking guy and some young, muscular, extremely attractive guy is passionately interested in you - be doubtful. If it's too good to be true, its too good to be true."

Yes, there are red flags we should all be looking for. Unfortunately, as many here have stated, our needs and desires overwhelm our survival instincts sometimes. Sad.


I miss the bathhouses. Call it what you will you never heard of murders taking place in them. That was the best place for casual sex.

To look at either one you would not get the impression of murder. I will say the one who was murdered does look like the picky type who might have thought too much of himself and paid for it with his life. There is something in that posted video that struck me as a bit vain, though I have met far worse in the gyms. There are those of us who figure they are gods gift to gaydom.

We have reached the point where we can sit back and order online 6 pac abs, buns of steel, 28inch waist and 21 inch arms as a must have but forget that a personality comes along with the unknown person who is coming to your house or has given you an address to come to that you do not know is legit until you arrive.

Feel sorry for him I do but this man, just as the other one killed here in nyc recently by a teenager, brought this on himself by using poor judgement. I do include allowing someone you know absolutely nothing about except the fact they turn you on into your home does come under poor judgement in my book. Looking at the still photo of Mr. Pecora made me wonder if had done a line or two before he made this and stuck it on youtube.

These were two fine looking guys whose rendevous obviously was not meant to be. There are two side to every story.

Google the case of poor Michael Sandy and start from there.


This is a truly horrible, scary and tragic case, but let's give a rest to these 'Craigslist Killer' headlines. People have been getting killed by hook ups since we lived in caves. I mean, how safer is it really to bring someone home from the club versus someone from A4A or Manhunt? Probably a lot less safe than you think. Half the reason why these make such startling headlines is because they are so relatively rare in comparison to the amount (millions?) of men hooking up online. The average online hook up crime is more likely to be theft of property than murder. And that too has been going on forever. Theft is terrible, but it's better than murder.

Many posters have commented on how fine and hot the suspect is. Let's keep it real, that would've been enough to get most men, especially when probably inebriated, to bring this man home. If there's a positive note to this, online hook ups have the possibility of leaving an electronic trail that may help the police later. Yeah, I know you're dead in that case, but at least there might be justice. A lot more than the average trick gone wrong that gets labeled a 'robbery' and file away in the cold case cabinet. look how fast a suspect has been aprehended in all of these cases in comparison to the horrors Rod often posts on these pages.

Personally, I think not only should you communicate with a friend before meeting someone from online, but you should be up front with him that you're updating your friends about your meeting. Make it known that others know where you are, where your going to be and that there is a trail leading right back to him. There are no guarantees, but taking precautions to reduce your risks goes a long way.


gurlene, i hate to burst your bubble but there were murders back in the days of bath houses too. they just weren't publicized. just another dead faggot was the way the cops would see it. now, there are so many news outlets and a slight shift in awareness, so people know that these murders are taking place and the circumstances. remember the movie, crusin?

Rod Mc

>>>>"This is a truly horrible, scary and tragic case, but let's give a rest to these 'Craigslist Killer' headlines."

Why? The headline reflects the facts. I'm perplexed you're focusing on the headline on this blog as opposed to the "horrible, scary and tragic" circumstances. Are you also upset about similar headlines at NY1, WCBS and the Daily News? I'm more upset people are killed or hurt. But it is what it is.

You are absolutely right about statistics. Internet hookup murders are relatively rare...but the frequency is increasing, along with anti-gay violence. I've worked in tv news for many years. Unfortunately, I've seen more gay bashings, assaults, kidnappings and murders than you would imagine. -RM

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