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11 June 2009



I'm flabbergasted. I thought it was a match made in heaven...or somewhere else.

Derrick from Philly

Well, I guess Miss Amber Rose can move on to 50 Cent now--a lot less classier boyfiend. And she cannot use the same strap-ons...Fiddy is probably used to a much larger size.



Derrick I was just about to make ajoke about Amber wearing the pants and the strap on, lol.

Quniton M

And I thought this was true love.


You can't convert a lesbian into a house wife.


I dunno, I still think Kanye is hot. Everybody must know something I don't about him being "like that."

What's the dirt on him anyway? Got to be some, right?

BTW. Tried to post last night, but it didn't go through. Congrats to you and the site for it's recent Advocate kudos. Well deserved, no doubt.

This site is a smart, sexy break after a long day. Long live.

apres moi

Damn it took me 3 min to stop laughing when I saw that photo and thought "that's his ex gf.. she looks like a man". She looks like a mix of Sinead and Pharrell. Basically Pharrell without the skinny chest. I give Kanye 3-4 years to come out of the closet.

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