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01 June 2009


Baltimore Femme


Hello Miss Eminem. Girl you know you had more than that up in your face before!


Please. This was so scripted. Eminem doesn't even move when he sees Bruno falling...oh and I wouldn't be surprised if they all are carrying on in the hotel right now.

But not with the bodyguards...truly fugly one and all.

Sean Beasley

I don't think it was staged at all.

Eminem looks very very mad. And if anyone saw 8 Mile, you will remember he is not that good of an actor.


this was too mf'ing funny


Eminem's masculine honor has been unforgivably violated !

Neither he nor his videos will appear on MTV ever again after this outrage !!!

This is a man who sang about beating and killing his wife. He is a role model for heterosexuals everywhere. For him to be treated so disrespectfully only proves that the homosexualization of America has gone way too far.

Danny Rivera

Eminem is a tool and has no sense of humor. IMO he would never willingly be a part of these homoerotics...at least not on television.


You Just know Mariah was behind this. I bet she had Nick Watching the door as she messed with the wires. This will teach him to mention her in one of his songs LOL!


@ Cullen:

Nick wished he were in Eminem's seat! lol


i say eminem was in on it. he can act on his latent homo fantasties and still keep his masculinity in check.

sometimes the loudest homophobes are the ones who have the most to hide. as shakespeare said, "methinks the lady doth protest too much."


I hope you all saw that before it is removed from youtube. That was funny. It made my monday.

And to think I was looking for the Monday morning madness model. That was better. Or let's say almost better.


of course its staged. The Bruno movie's coming out soon. Eminem has an album out. Eminem's usual pre-album release antics werent really that big of a deal this time around, so he needed to go harder. And finally, MTV just needed a watercooler moment for the show.


Em album came out 2 weeks ago.

This was publicity stunt for Sasha not Em.

It's about time Em was the butt of a joke. He talks about everyone else. Someday it's gonna be you.


Speaking of the Eminem movie '8 Mile, there is a scene where Eminem "defends" a black gay man who is being gay bashed by a straight (presumably) black man. This scene is the one thing I remember about that movie.



Thats what EM gets for messin with my girl MC.


After looking at it for the 10th time I am wondering why was he not covered in a body stocking.

That is his bare arse he is sticking in eminem's face. I have been gay all my life and I would not appreciate it if someone stuck their possibly unwashed arse in my face on national tv.

This time eminem you would have been right to go off. I would not have blamed you. I do hope it was an accident but I doubt it.


this is partially Eminem's fault -- he makes himself a target by trying to maintain a tough guy image

paul smith

GirlZ -- that was tired. MTV is way desperate! Really would you want some stranger's nearly naked private parts in your face? It's not cool.


Plus, as he is flying through the air, "Bruno" keeps screaming that his "Kugelsack" (/\)and his "Schwanz" || are coming out. This was just a raunchy stunt. This is what we have come to?


I just saw it and would have been ticked off myself had his skanky butt was up in my face that close. There is so little class and decency in this country these days, ugh.


I don't like EM anyway..UGH!!!


I noticed Tyrese felt the need to jump his black ass up to help Eminem's bodyguards get Sacha off. Why did he even get involved? I guess couldnt stand to see someone's manhood challenged.

Honut SInti

I would be pissed to if a wiener and buns fell from the sky on my face and I did not order it.
Now that's just not right. Not to mention that it is very poor customer service!

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