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22 June 2009



---"Not sure do you notice the way Simmons is holding that bag, but his grip is mighty impressive."---

Well we know it isn't a script ... (snark)


GASP! That man is FINE!

But a photo of Henry Simmons without TYLER PERRY? Child, he must have escaped! Did TP know about this??


I don't care what anyone says, THIS IS MY WOW-MAN! His voice, his build, his height, his demeanor...just MY MY MY!

When I was in LA after the 9/11 tragedy, I was trapped in my hotel, just nothing to do. I decided to walk to the mall/plaza near the W Hotel, where I was staying and went to the Gap. On my way back, I notice this PHYNE brotha, with his head leaning back, at the light. I just noticed him by his jawline, but I knew he was phyne. Anyway, he slowly comes back to head-on view and IT IS HENRY SIMMONS!

I go over to speak and HE asked ME if I was the guy he had seen on the news (with the Aaliyah shoot). THE MAN OF MY DREAMS RECOGNIZED ME FIRST!!! Man, he is so much sexier in person, if you can believe THAT!

I really liked SHARK and hate that it got cancelled but I pray that whatever he's doing, something long-term comes along. I knew that pretty Shemar Moore had to hit a few walls before he hit pay-dirt again and I know that the same thing will happen for the equally stunning Henry Simmons. At 6ft4 and these looks, I have NO IDEA how he isn't a leading man in film and TV. I mean the man was voted of the 50 Most Beautiful People on TV...ever!

I'm Just Sayin'

Saw him randomly walking @ The Grove several years ago..Was surprised that he was actually as phine in person....

Please no more question marks as screen name. Use your old one or choose a new one. -RM

Lang B.

FINE x one million= H.S.

Florida Evans

Damn damn damn!
That mans stays phine... although I think those are coffee stains on his shirt no?



I would be all over that
and those shoulders like boulders

Good gawd!

Strong Island

Rev Kev says "I don't care what anyone says, THIS IS MY WOW-MAN!"

Normally I would want 2 fight cuz I think Henry would be the perfect hubby and wifey...but you are a man of God! And maybe he is your destiny lol



Don't let the smooth taste fool you. LOL.

Henry Simmons is the truth and the truth will make me free, indeed.

So let's not fight at all but if you want to go there, STRONG ISLAND WILL GET SUNK...LOL.

He's such a presence in person that I wonder why he's not bigger. Like maybe he won't sleep with this one or that one or something. Just weird but my my my, he's just WOW!

James M



This man is fine as hell !

I was talking to Eva Pigford Marcel and had looked at the clock and saw it was my time to go home. My co-worker said I had miss meeting him after I walked back to my desk. DAMN!

One day...


@ Kmark:

If you were talking to Eva and she had to meet up with Henry Simmons, those girls were going shopping. Trust.



Yeah I know. it was at the time they were "dating".


Rev Kev and Kmark, what is he like in person? All that phiness up close, I prob couldnt breathe!


Damn he so fine, big , and strong looking I would love to be manhandeled by him


"But a photo of Henry Simmons without TYLER PERRY? Child, he must have escaped! Did TP know about this??" LOLOL

LMAO- Dalton, you made my day.

The man is perfection. Period! Why he's not a leading man, I don't know.



and what is that supposed to mean?
do you know something we don't????
i don't think so!


this man is perfect for me. i love the fact that he has holes in his shirt and his jeans are old. just a naturally beautiful man.


Rod--I demand you take these pictures of my man off your blog (after I download them). As his man, I own the copyright on all his images. I don't like all these men looking at my man like that.

RevKev-- I claimed this man at Megafest in 2001, and again in 2005. You and I both know that means he's mine.


KEVJACK, I am the KING OF CLAIMING and in 2001, he was already spoken for by me. Bless you real good! LOL.

He was very nice, direct, cordial and he's almost TOO PHYNE to LOOK AT and TALK TO at the same time. One or the other, but when his voice, which is the richest tenor (with some bari-tones...) comes out and then he smiles, IT IS UNSETTLING!

We've got to make this man a leading man. I really have been surprised at Tyler Perry for not giving him a major role. The spot he did get in one TP flick had him in a tight shirt raking leaves!




Anyway, there is a God, so he'll get his spot!!!

Bruh L

Why "still" looking fabulous??
Hasn't he always???

Also, why the implications with
some of the comments? Believe
it or not, there really ARE some
str8 mofos on the planet...at least 10 or 11. Just because we
desire someone does not make him
gay, or likely to be. We need to
stop doing that.


@ Bruh L:

Who appointed you hall monitor?
It seems that a great many us know something that you do not.

I don't think every black gay man thinks a man is gay just because they 'desire' him. But there are many black men who are gay, bi or DL. And not everyone knows.

I suppose you also believe Tyler Perry is straight, too?

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