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26 June 2009



THat is a MAN!
And how would I love to be one of the teammates he is holding.



umm, i need to start watching soccer b/c clearly i am missing out on a very nice thing


It's a FABULOUS MF'ing day when the Gooch takes it off.


Doug Cooper Spencer

Happy Birthday Rod. Now when are we gonna see you shirtless? :D


congrats to the US soccer team for advancing to the Finals of the Confed cup. It's a sad day in SA (i'm from Kimberley, South Africa btw:-)). the winning goal for Brazil came in the 86th min... like the rest of SA we were hoping for something similar to what the States brought (Obama magic LOL) but the best team won. nonetheless, well done Bafana (SA Soccer team) for a gr8 performance, you guys fought hard and well. and as for Sunday's match... we'll just have to wait and see.

P.S 1. thnx for the pics;) nice caramel toffee mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

P.S 2. the use of vuvuzelas at games can be annoying I know but over time i got use to it. you know what they say, if you can't beat them...

mike in madrid

Happy Birthday, Rod! I was watching this game live, and when I saw Onyewu strip off his shirt I knew I'd later find photos of it here on your site ;-)


Happy Birthday Rod!

thanks for more pics of Gooch. any of Jozy Altidore??? :-)


Thanks Rod. I was looking for shots of Jozy after the win, but these will do VERY nicely! That last one of him surrounded by the team....oh I can imagine the celebrations in the locker room!

Good luck USA against Brazil!


@ Reggie: "oh I can imagine the celebrations in the locker room!""

You and me both! Hmmmm
Oguchi looks like he is a handfull. No, make that two hand fulls!

Derrick from Philly

Happy Birthday, ROD!

A Cancer. Cancer women are brave, loyal & fabulously fair-minded. Cancer men are...well...well, very sexy, when they calm down. (exhale)

King Drive

@ Derrick:
'Calm down'? lol
Maybe you see something I don't. I don't see any anger on this site at all. Of all the gay blogs,, the tone here is the least confrontational.

And thanks for the shirtless Oguchi, Rod!! I saw a short clip on ESPN and thought of you...Gawd this is a phine, phine man!

yeah and your bday was WEDNESDAY, I saw everyone blowing up your facebook!



What are you and Oguchi doing? lol

Derrick from Philly

" I don't see any anger on this site at all. Of all the gay blogs"

Oh, no. I've mentioned how civil Rod keeps the tone of his blog many times.

I was making a joke about the Cancer men that I've come in contact with throughout my life. There were 4 that were interested in me--one in the eighties, two in the nineties, and one in this century. They all scared me, and they were kind of demanding. You can't be demanding with a Pisces--'cause we're so very very very senstive, you know?

Now, if I met a Cancer who was built like Mr Onyewu...hell, I'd just have to stay scared 'cause he'd never get rid of me.


Happy Birthday, Rod! Thanks for these shots, and don't forget Jozy Altidore, who scored one of the team's two goals. JOZY!!!!!!!!!

Rod Mc

My birthday was Wednesday, thanks everyone.

This is an interesting. The soccer posts here usually attract a only handful of people. If Jozy Altidore suddenly has so many fans at this blog (which is a good thing) why has no one ever emailed me with tips or suggestions? Not even about this game. His name has never even come up in comments. And the "you should have done so-and-so" happens all the time here.

If you have a tip or suggestion, email, Tweet or Facebook me. Otherwise, I do the best I can. -RM

King Drive

@ Rod:
Never thought about it like that. I just assumed you were overwhelmed with tips...or that you knew everything anyway, lol.

Hear you loud and clear.


I cant speak for the rest, but I just saw Jozy for the first time a couple of days ago on the espn.com front page. I was waiting for a Rod 2.0 post about Gooch before I inquired about Jozy :-)

I'm exhausted now and didn't mean to snap. Jozy's pics from after the game are excellent and will post later or tomorrow. I really appreciate suggestions, because I can't be everywhere and it helps me. I wish more people would send them in. -RM.


Dayumn Oguchi is built like that under that soccer jersey? I need some of that yes daddy yes!


what's the best way to send you info? especially for the technologically lazy :-)

here's another addition:

a short article on Ben Gordon (who has a GREAT smile :-)


Former COGIC

Look I love me some Oguchi and just googled this other man Jozy and now love him somethin' too.
FF thanks for the new eye candy, lol

Rod usually dont let stuff get to him but i know where he is coming from. and so do yall! 'we' black folks Anow how 'we' can be sometimes ... yesterday about the 'exorcism,' a few folks saw this so called pastor on CNN. i saw two comments from Rod asking which show?, nada. Not a peep. I'm sure if it wasnt posted today, those same few folks would mention what he 'should have' posted from CNN.

We have to support each other as black gay men and women! we have to help one another! Speak up, comment, email..we have the power to help change perecpetions of ourself!

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