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04 June 2009


King Drive

((tapping feet))

Baby, they don't make music any better than this.

THANK YOU KOKO for all those beautiful summer nights and memories!


my mom and aunt are such fans, i saw this post and called them , they didn't know. wow.

such incredible deliver, she really knew how to pitch a "wang dang doodle". mama was just fierce


Aw man! I loved me some Koko. RIP.


Not the best news to start off the day. Thanks Rod

Ten in My Timbz

@ YYZ:

How do you think Koko Taylor feels?
And her family?


I know that I'm sad now. I loved Koko Taylor's music.
Thanks for the memories, Koko.
I'm going to watch these You Tubes and have a celebration in my office.

Derrick from Philly

She was wonderful. I saw Ms Taylor and Ruth Brown perform on the waterfront here in Philly about 12 years ago. It was one of the most enjoyable moments and best memories of my life.

alicia banks

thanks rod!

it is always an HONOR to be mentioned on your stellar blog!!!

you rule the www!!!

koko stays in my mix.

she was always a star of all my FM shows and a popular bridge on my AM shows...

i adore her!

koko lives forever!



What a loss, Miss Koko was the real deal when she was "sanging" may she rest in peace and her family make it through this tough time.


WOW....I have seen her live a few times and she can get any party started with her vivacious performances!

Music has lost a TRUE LEGEND! God rest her soul!!!


May God keep Koko and her family. She is a true legend of the artform, and could just sing anyone under the table.

I saw Bobby "Blue" Bland a little while back, and it reminded me that our living blues legends are very few in number. What will happen to this artfurm when they are gone?


Pitch a Wang Dang Doodle all night long!!!!

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