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30 June 2009



It's a wise move if you ask me to make it a law for it to be expanded to all federal prisons. However, that bill will have a hell of an uphill battle in Congress to be passed as law.

Also this issue will continue to
be a major problem with transmission of STIs in other states where the officials doesn't want or care to make such socially progressive stances on prisoners. I just wish there was a way for this to be made into law nationwide on all levels, but that is truly wishful thinking in this political climate.


It's ridiculous for prisons to think that not allowing condoms prevents male to male sex from occurring. They know its going on all the time and the correctional officers turn the heads or condone sex. The prisons should be concerned about preventing an epidemic from taking place rather than appearances. But on the other hand, many inmates are beyond caring about using condoms. I recall watching a documentary about prisons and an inmate said that inmates don't choose to have sex but rather it gets chosen for you. He described how someone was overpowered by other inmates and knocked unconscious. When the guy was found, he had most of his teeth knocked out and semen was dripping out of his mouth and a$$. It was his welcome to prison bash. The bottom line is that sex will occur no matter what. At least, every attempt should be made to prevent the spread of STDs.

Anthony in Nashville

This is a step up to acknowledge the reality of sex behind bars.

Since officials can't stop it, they may as well give people protection.


This is a welcome step forward. Yes, as Ravenback said, a lot of prison sex is rape and condoms probably won't help that much. But, what is often not said, is that a lot of prison sex is consensual, perhaps the majority.

I've heard of guys who were first able to explore their gay or bi side because of their circumstances in lock up. Basically, it gave them an excuse to explore what they always wanted to do on the outside. In such circumstances, a condom could truly be life saving tool. Still, let's prepare for the right wing backlash. I can hear Bill O'Reilly now.

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