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01 June 2009


Baltimore Femme

Ummmm...I'm speechless. And that is not often the case.

Good gawd! ((fanning self))


Bring it on LL daddy!

Chitown Kev

Yeah, but does LL USE all of THAT?

It is nice, hope it isn't wasted.

Derrick from Philly

Impressive. And he's from New York--the city of "tops". (yeeeah, right).


LL is a role model for keeping the body sexy. He's young, but he is not that young.


Sorry to dissapoint you guys but that is one of the latest photoshop type tricks. There's a dude name damondeuxdeuxdish who does tricks like this to celebrity pics all the time. Google him and see for yourselves.


^strong4u... anything is possible these days.


Ain't know way LL is that big down there.

Mad Professah

Anyone else remember the LL COOL J quote "I'm so bad I can suck my own dick!" from way back in the day?

Looks like he was serious!


oh Mad: are you going "black" now?

Cause the ONLY thing WHITE about LL is the lining on his shorts and his underwear waist band...

I see you're "slumming" with the brothas today..WERK BOO! WERRRK!

*I hope your white master, ahem, HUSBAND, approves of this sudden dalliance with into blackness! snark!


The moment I saw this, one word came to mind: Photoshop.

I see strong4u agrees.

All I know is, a friend of mine's little brother beat him up when they were 15, growing up in Hollis, Queens. So he can't be all that.


@ Miss Shade Tea:

Oh do we really want to talk about inter racial M4Ms

How is Manhunt treating you? Still running after those light bright almost white and Latino online trade? And the Mugler boys on Myspace? Hmm?



So where did the white strings on the red shorts go? Come on guys the bottom image was photoshopped and so is the bulge i bet.... this post should be pulled...


I am enjoying my 40's, and since I was 29 years old we knew LL was packing! The Village Voice was low-down enuff to say he was horse-hung. and this was in the days B4 photoshop.


Truthseeker: hey gurl...how you doin?

still wishing you could tag me to manhunt? or are you mad that the white and fair skinned latino girls in chelsea aren't checking for you b/c you're ugly and wretched? i'm still waiting for all of this "Mugler" and "manhunt" tea you've been kvetching about since FOR-EVAR...

no proof, ms. girl? didn't think so...

I win. ball is in your court. GIRL BOOM!



@ " this post should be pulled"


Mad Professah

@Shade Tea

If you think being married to a white person makes someone "less Black" I feel sorry for you. Being married to a white guy doesn't mean my husband is my master. Bitter, much?

Is the President "blacker" than I am because he's married to Michelle even though he has a white mother and both my parents are black?

Lawd have mercy queens just love to "stir sh*t"!


Actually this is no surprise to me, I've known LL was hung for years. I remember going to see him at The Apollo in Manchester England back in the 80's, he was wearing red jogging pants and the bulge was very visible even from the cheap seats ;) It was BIG and hung to the right.


honey i dont see it, can someone circle it for me.


Ms Mad Professah:

oh no i don't think black people married to white people are "less Black"...

I just think YOU are less black because we all KNOW that you have nothing whatsoever to do with BLACK anything..am I right? I mean, surely, after Jasmyne Cannick exposed you in her blog you'd get it together.

Bitter over what? honey, have you LOOKED in a mirror lately? Trust me...I'm not bitter about YOU...quite the contrary, I'm thankful I don't have to get up every morning and look in the mirror and see YOUR reflection staring back at me...

and yes, for YOU, husband=master. GET INTO IT, MS. PROFESSAH GURL.



def shooped


It is quite clear that this is a hoax. The picture has been altered. Where is the WHITE DRAWSTRING????

Honut SInti

I, Honut would take him even if was a U-nut! ;)

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