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23 June 2009


Grambling State

God bless his mother!
Mother Brooks knows she has one gorgeous son, lawd


I know you're a Brooks fan, Rod, so I was wondering when you were going to share the screen shots (I'm sure you had to look at them closely privately first to make sure they were acceptable for the blog!:)


I wept..


I saw this Sunday. At one point I was like, "Did I see the crack of his azz"?

Seeing him in person is a treat. His bi-ceps are huge.



Dayumn that isa whole lotta man!
Just like I like it!


That man is beyond phine. Just stunning.

**licking lips**


He does have a long...torso.

Joey Prince

can't act his way out of a paper bag but as long as he goes shirtless i am all good!

Joey Prince

oops i meant to say "act his way"


@Kmark. Yes, you did see the crack of his azz. I saw it too. He was barely getting it all in those jeans. This was such a treat on Sunday. He's blessed.

Rod Mc

@ Reggie, Chris and Kmark:

Check at the top. I put those caps in, totally forgot I had them! I was so distracted ... -RM


He is in impeccable shape! He has an 8-Pack!! Just Lovely!


He needs an eight pack to fill up that torso. Damn, he's so long.



actually mehcad is a good actor. he pretended he was attracted rutina wesley (tara), the pretty black actress in that scene...and we all know that could never happen in real life!


Be nice Demetri, lol

And Chris you are telling the truth, my eyes almost popped out of my head when I saw those melons!


YES..mehcad is sexy as hell

NO, he can't act his way out of a paper bag cover in crude oil and fire...

but DAMMIT....he needs ta take it OFF

and ms. alan ball KNOWS the tea--since we ALL know she's a black boy chaser...

mehcad will be stripping by season's end...

sorry lafayette--but boo you needs to tighten UP if Eggs is on the scene..BOOM!



i'm sorry, did you say something?


Alan Ball is a black boy chaser? lol
Yes, Mehcad is HOTNESS! I was in awe watching Sunday's episode. We need to see MORE. :)

Distant Lover

Rod, forgive me for cussing but Mehcad is OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't get enough of this brother!
I bought GLORY ROAD on Blu-Ray just to see the beads of sweat on Mehcad's chest in high definition!!!
I loved him in "The Game", and Desperate Housewives and now he's in True Blood!!!!
Now, I'm a churchgoing ho, so usually I don't mess with no vampires, but seeing Mehcad in them screen captures makes me wanna just tune in to see his FINE ass (literally) and then turn it off and beg for forgiveness!!! You're leading me into temptation Rod!!!
You know you wrong for that!!!

We all love Mehcad but NO profanity, please. It triggers workplace filters and blocks the blog. Thanks! -RM


I had to rewind this scene a couple of times on Sunday. He looked like he was sculpted from a block of chocolate, unbelievable. I love True Blood, but him being on the show is definitely a treat this season.

James M



If you are ever in L.A. you can see old dude in person nearly everyday working out that ridiculous body at the 24Hr Fitness at Sunset Blvd and Vine Street in Hollywood. He seems like such a nice guy too. He always speaks and say, "wassup man" in that deep sexy voice of his. Maybe it's because I'm always staring at him. LOL.

Kurt Wagner

Mehcad is gorgeous. Have to agree with Joey Price...the guy can't act. He really can't...but, as we have all been saying, he is nice to look at. Boo-yah!!



Thanks so much for the continued support. It's great appreciated. I'm flattered by all the compliments I have read on the site. Thanks all.

And for those of you who have proclaimed to the world that I cannot act my way out of a paper bag in an oil fir...etc. I look forward to proving you wrong.

Stay tuned.



Kiss My Boo Boo

I've followed Mehcad's career ever since he first appeared on Wisteria lane. I was so happy when he moved in and stopped watching when he moved out.
He is the most talented, strongest, finest, smoothest, smartest, sexiest and coolest young black actor in Hollywood.
I'm tired of him being under used in everything he's been in thus far.
I'm hoping to see much more of him in this season of True Blood and not just because he's so hot but because he's one of the only gifted actors on the show.
I think we can all agree that he's a great actor as he has to pretend to find Tara attractive. Yucksville.
She could never get a man like him in real life. I feel bad for her that she has to be in scenes with him because let's face it, he's gonna steal every single one away from her.
I just can't wait for him to get his own show or a leading role in a big movie because that's where this man belongs.
He makes me want to take up acting, move to Hollywood and pray that I would cross his mighty path.
God Bless America, and God Bless Mehcad Brooks.

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