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17 June 2009



Rogers is always great on tv, he knows his stuff and can soundbite anything. Did you see him with that crazy news anchor on tv in Washington? Wow


perfect analogy, please repeat this to all the gay obamapologists who claim this was a big deal.


Mike Rogers is positively absolutely correct. What did someone say here yesterday? I am sick and tired of being treated like an ATM machine and a second class citizen.

I forgot my pin number until Obama remembers his campaign promises. Today was a small gesture but nothing on our agenda has been addressed. Nothing.We should keep up the pressure, vote with our heads and wallets and direct our support to those in government who support us.I'm just very sorry and sad it takes something this terrible (Prop 8 last year or the DOMA brief last week) to whip us gays into action.


shultz is a loudmouth but i admire his fire and passion, he gets it


My two cents, This gratuitous and transparent attempt to placate gays will only fuel more anger. Do they think gays are stupid and will jump up and down about how pro gay Obama is because he is giving benefits to federal employees?? 10 years ago that would have been a big deal; now it falls far short of what we want. I've tried to stay quiet about my dissent with Obama, because I want so many of his policies to move forward, but he is just pushing on the last nerve.

This is my first time speaking out against this administration and I am very angry. I want the prez to succeed and hope he does succeed but I fear he and his white house hope to do it at the expense of gays. Please prove me otherwise, Mr President!


KOS is talking about the DNC gay fundraiser: "The DNC needs to reschedule next week's gay fundraiser until after the administration gets its act together on its plan for gay rights. I'm pretty confident the administration eventually will, but until it does, out of simple common courtesy, it should refrain from treating the gay community like an ATM."

The Democrats need to stop taking the LGBT community's support for granted...especially if they're going to continue playing a very cruel political shell game with our human rights issues.

This was it for me. The cupboard is bare, I can give to local and state organizations, and candidates. Actually my congressman is very good on gay issues. That's it tho. This past week and this "memorandum" have been a massive wakeup call. Some of us are still asleep, but that's on them. I'm fired up.


Thed DNC shouldn't cancel the fund raiser. But the GLBT community should refuse to attend or donate another cent.
It is up to the community to say no more. The DNC will never act right unless it is embarrassed and forced to. It is the responsibility of the GLTB community to stand up and say: "The abuse stops right here."

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