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30 June 2009


Jamar Herrod

I like his resume. Writer for SNL, author of some novels and radio host. His name sounds vaguely familiar. Congrats to him.


Assuming the Republican has conceded the race once and for all, the U.S. Senate now has 60 Democratic senators but some of those 60 Dem. senators are "conservatives" (I think the term is "blue-dog" democrats) from conservative districts. We shall see how far we get with gay rights legislation between now and the midterm elections in November, 2010.

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His writing is also funny while at the same time laying things out the way they are runescape money. He is one of the few writers who can make me laugh out loud while reading his work.


That all we need is another democrat in office. It not like they dont have free rain already.

Billy Frazier

@ Ryan:
Republican tool, much?


Just another nail in Amerika's coffin. How sad..the Democrats are in control and we're losing the battle. Thanks to Ensign and Sanford the Republicans have egg on their face and we now have to look at the stupid comedian, Franken. Great going guys.

alicia banks


never surrender!

persistence pays!

i wish al gore had done the same and saved us from gwb's theft!...

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