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29 June 2009


Derrick from Philly

Well, I guess all intense criticism from the gay community these last few weeks is starting to pay off. Maybe the President has to be pushed on this issue (gay civil rights). They say that President Johnson (or was it Roosevelt) told civil rights leaders, "go out and make me do it" Meaning create a public situation where the the President has no choice but to act. Maybe that was my President's plan all along. Obama is an intellectual and smart; I aint. If all the outrage & criticism directed at SlimJi...I mean, my President didn't hurt his feelings, it sure shouldn't have hurt mine. It was necessary....I guess.

Cocoa Rican

Great that we're burying a relic ofregulation...discrimination is discrimination...we cannot discriminate against folks because of a medical condition


Kudos to President Obama & Rod for putting the word out, btw why am I not surprised that there is only now 3 posted comments regarding this subject matter but if that lil closet case from "pretty ricky" had posted another web clip featured here on Rod's blog by now there would have been 40 plus comments already posted.......our community as a whole can be so backwards at times.


((I guess all intense criticism from the gay community these last few weeks is starting to pay off.))

Yes Derrick that's why several crumbs have been thrown our way. Like the "benefits" for partners that don't include health benefits...and same sex partners being counted in the census...and the HIV travel ban that was signed a year ago.

The squeaky wheel gets the oil. You can't get anything unless you ask for it...even crumbs as opposed to slices of bread. But I see you're still caught up in "intense criticism" of the president that people are doing to get your rights, as opposed to the fact your rights are being denied.

Gotta love our people. We're so used to asking for nothing and being treated like nothing that we think it's okay...


@ Quest:

I have disagreed with Rod on some things but he usually presents both sides. And props to keeping up on HIV news ...
It is AMAZING that up to half of gay Black men are HIV positive and yet we express NO INTEREST in HIV stories ... unless it is porn or DL related.

Oh and where are all the many commenters who claimed they "didn't care" about DADT, DOMA, ENDA etc but "cared" about HIV. Would LOVE for you to jump in...


What are the blue countries and the yellow countries?

Gary, did you go to the link? Red means there are HIV travel restrictions or bans, blue means no restrictions, yellow means unsure. Very simple. -RM

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