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11 June 2009



I absolutely love Oraine Barrett and know how racist the Brazilian media and fashion industry is. This is a big deal. Congrats to his phine azz.


welcome to the 21st century DOM!


I agree, this brother is beautiful but come on. This has to be a slap in the face to Brazilian models of color. Brazilians are some of the most beautiful people in the world and to feature a person from another country to be the first black on the cover is messed up.

The powers that be are still not ready to acknowledge the beauty that flourishes in their own back yard.


Funny how this is happening now and after such a long time, Brazil has the largest black population outside of Africa and yet, it has more issues with blacks in fashion than other countries, that said, he is cute!

Kevin Perez

Latin American is a Brown society. It falls between White and Black. Of course the media in the region in any way and any form still makes the face of Latin Americans Euro, which doesn't make much sense 'cuz the Spanish and Portuguese where Mutts and the general populations of Latin America are of European/Amerindian, European/African, European/Non-European. Basically, we're all mutts.

THAT ESPECIALLY INCLUDES SO-CALLED "WHITE LATINOS/HISPANICS/LATIN AMERICANS" WHO PROBABLY ARE BIGGER MUTTS AS WELL. Sorry, in this day and age, people won't let go of such primtive ideals. Look at Univision and Telemundo when it comes to representation of the Latin American populace.

apres moi

The three Latin American countries that I think of when it comes to a diverse mix of people are the Dominican Republic/Haiti, Cuba, and Brasil. 100 years from now, the US will look more like Brasil and the DR than it does now. Basically 100x more beautiful.

Kevin Perez

I'd say Puerto Rico as well. Don't let the hilarous idea that Puerto Rico is 80% Spanish descent and only 20% of it is non-White fool you.

But then again, we use the US cenus. That's problematic too.


Aren't there more blacks in Brazil than any other place outside of Africa?


Rod Just out of curiousity- how many "Rod.20 Faves" are there? You should do a fundraiser for your favorite charity and invite all your faves to just mingle with the readers. Just a thought... Keep up the good work, and since I work down the street from the Holocaust museum, thanks for covering the human side of this tragedy and remembering the guard who was killed.


Kevin, you are onto something, last night I was watching a travel show about Puerto Rico, and, saw one black woman in the whole hour, and, thought to myself, something is not right with this as when i was in Puerto Rico I saw loads of black folks.

And, Mr FAMU here's a tidbit from the BBC about the black population in Brazil:

No other country outside Africa has such a large black population, about half the total of 160 million, yet blacks are almost totally absent from positions of power - from all levels of government, from congress, senate, the judiciary, the higher ranks of the civil service and the armed forces.

Even in Salvador, the capital and major slave port for nearly 300 years, where blacks make up more than 80% of the population, very few are to be found in government.

Kevin Perez

Mulattos are somewhat discriminated against as well. But they're considered "White" in Latin American society and culture, so there's a sense of "holier than thou" amongst a lot of them. You could say some of them have "White priviledge" as well. Yes, this included Stateside Latinos, ESPECIALLY Nuyoricans, even if they claim "brotherhood" with Black Americans.

Ummmm.....There's no denying the huge African descended populations of Latin America but El Salvador is mostly Spanish/Indigineous mix. Really, I understand the racism against our darker skin kin but sometimes people downplay the the NATIVE AMERICANS populations just to make a point. Something that's just as ignorant and awful. Also, mostly likely the slaves brought into El Salvador intermarried with the local Mestizo population, thus further mixing and "diversifying" the nation. But it does have its own Afro-based culture, as with any other nation in the region.

Most people in postions of power, of course, are mostly of Spanish and European descent (I make a huge distinction between Spanish, Portuguese and the general Mediterranean people from the rest of Europe), you're right.

Latin America still have its head up the @$$es of its former colonial rulers and their ideals.


Vey insightful stuff Kevin! I'll never forget my trip to Turkey and was thought of as "white" as they only knew of black skinned Africans, not, plain old black Americans who are, cough, cough, light skinned as I am, a term I loathe.

The saddest thing of all is that the darker folks in Latin America don't see skin color as a reason for thier lot in life, they thinks its all due to just being born poor.

Kevin Perez

Oh, I think they very well know why they are at the bottom of the pit. They just don't say anything about it or keep it to themselves. You the colonial mentality "keep them in their place" by the ruling elite, European descended class?

Turks never struck me as a White. Interesting that Spain and the Iberian Penisula as a whole and the Mediterranean is "Euro" but has the most Brown/Black faces. And if you look on the map, what continent is beneath them? Well, specifically WHAT region of the continent.

BTW, slightly off topic but if you ever run into a Miami Cuban who identifies as "White" or "pure Spanish" descent, just remember that the Moors took over Spain for some time. And that all they really saying is that they're descended from the Africans/Arabs/whatever term used who are the MOORS. I say this because nobody in Latin America truly is White they Americans look at it.

Not even the d*mn people of Argentina, no matter how many Euro immigrants came!

alicia banks


he looks like the perfect cross between djimon hounsou and tyson beckford...

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