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30 June 2009



In a country where I have felt cofortable being gay, it is so sad to see this happening.

Kevin Perez

Machismo at its finest. Wouldn't be surprised if some of police secretly love to have their pingas sucked or eat culo. It's almost as if the more homophobic they are, the more likely they like to "stick it in".


@ Curio
Agreed. I live here. Particularly in Santo Domingo, being gay is no big deal.

@ Kevin Perez
Perhaps you're being presumptuous. There's little if any anti-gay vibe coming from the average police person. They are merely following orders. Homophobia in the Dominican Republic is propagated primarily by the very powerful Archbishop of Santo Domingo, Cardinal Nicolás de Jesús López Rodríguez.


I always travel to Santo Domingo.
Why celebrate gay pride day and just being oppressed by the police... its Gay day everyday
in Santo Domingo the time I am there. Just sit back and relax in Pacos, or at night go to Eucaliptus, Bar Friends, or Jaydees......lots of Bugarones and Sapatons will sorround you.

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