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09 June 2009


Nathan James

One of the questions that comes into my mind in light of recent developments in Albany is: "Given the GOP's parliamentary coup against Senate Democrats, will Governor Patterson sign ANY legislation they pass, including gay marriage?" Patterson is extremely pi$$ed off with the GOP and Sens. Monserrate and Espada. I think it more likely that Patterson will let and bills that come to him for signature, sit on his desk for the next 12 days, unsigned.

It remains to be seen if this whole sorry mess will end up in New York's highest court, the Court Of Appeals. Add to this the fact that both Monserrate and Espada (who, BTW, doesn't even live in his district) may well be on their way to prison (Monserrate for felony assault against his girlfriend, Espada for financial and ethics violations). I'm actually surprised Queens DA Richard Brown (D-Bayside) let Monserrate return to Albany at all.

All in all, none of thesedevelopments bodes well for gay marriage in the near term. Espada can crow about wanting to bring this bill to a vote, when he knows full well it isn't likely to pass, especially in a GOP-controlled Senate. In addition, the GOP coup may, in fact, be illegal, if Sen. Malcolm Smith's assessment of the situation is correct. If that does turn out to be the case, any legislation they "Pass" will be null and void.

What a way to do the people's business!


I am still trying to wrap my senses around such a clandestine move. I know, I know, it's politics, but, everyone seems to be side swiped by this. I just can't help but think though that the Dems were resting on their laurels while the Repubs went to work undermining the machinery in Albany. I agree with Nathan, marriage equality in NY is now at a stand still.

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