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02 June 2009



This is not lunch, this is more like a smorgasbord! Good gawd that man is phine.

And the actress in the leopard print ... I have seen her before and yes, she is serving "Women on the Verge."


this is hilarious and sexy as hell. yes i wish it were on logo instead of that boring ass shyt they call programming.

paul smith

interesting to see that the entire whole is predictable and uninspired! So sad.


@ Paul:

I'm curious how/why you call it predictable and uninspired? This is clearly supposed to be light fare and the comparison to Noah's Arc and Almodovar's 'Women on the Verge of a nervous Breakdown' doesn't exactly lend itself to documentaries.

I'm Dominican and black...the trailer reminds me of any number of Puerto Rican or Mexican sex comedies that are commonly seen in Latin America.

Lang B.

Can't wait o see this.
Pure visual stimulation.


DAMN! This puts Noah's Arc to shame!!!!

Kevin Perez


In a way, I agree. I cannot tell you how often frustrated I get when I'm crusing through Logo and seldom do you see anything about men of color. Truth be told the only programs I watch are Bump or program that explores LGBT around the world, especially Latin America.

Oh, and I almost HATE and despise those who call Brazilians overrated. It's THE most ethnically diverse nation in the world and home to the largest African diaspora (is that how it's spelled?) and their descendants, as well as those beautiful mutts of different colors and shades and complexitions. Yes, this includes those Brazilians of Portuguese or Spanish descent!

Sad to thing the only people who seem to get the most attention in Brazil is the likes of Gieselle or Brazilians of "Aryan" descent or of light skin complexion. This is 2009 and Latin America still has that tired-@$$ caste system ingrained in their culture. It's mulatto (which can also mean mixed-race in general) society. I repeat, there is no such thing as "pure White" or dominat White majority SOCIETY in Latin American. THAT GOES FOR ARGENTINA AS WELL!

Sorry for the long obsessive rant! I wish programs like this would air in logo! I could relate more to this as someone who is of a Latin American background.


hm, i wonder how long it takes "made in brazil" to profile this...if they ever do.

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