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18 June 2009



i like my men big and phine but grrrrrl

i guess if jennifer loves it, i like it


Punk doesn't seem like the most responsible husband to be. Harvard Law but appearing on reality shows and now wrestling. Oh well as long as Jennifer is happy.


man...love me some thick men like this thanks much yo

Derrick from Philly

Demetri & Dante: y'all are absolutely right. I like to look at both of 'em--caramel and vanilla. Big and juicy!

alicia banks

i love him

go david!



sorry y'all...

but Dave needs to SIT.DOWN

baby on the way and he wrestling? i mean, we all KNOW jennifer is making the money in the house, but still...this is lame.

and, no shade, but that white boy is WAY better looking than Dave...

Troy Jackman can GET.IT with gusto..Dave Otunga..CAN.NOT

womp! womp!


Punk is obviously DL or BI. I'm just sayin'


I guess 'fame' really does get to some people, its bad enough he was up in that vile New York chicks grill, but, this guy is a Harvard law graduate? Bet his parents must be so proud of how he turned out and with a kid on the way, NOT.


Some father figure


I just hope he is the right man for Jennifer. Lord knows she has been through a major ordeal already in her life. And now with a child on the way, she can be very vulnerable right now. He can do whatever, but please use the Harvard education.




"Jennifer" your life is becoming a stage play full of irony... (Remember she was cynical of the gay lifestyle and many of its fetishes, now look at this!)


Who says that he's not using his "Harvard Education" now. Life is not just about "prestige" or "money". He may practice law someday. It's pretty clear that he works out and he may enjoy the physicality of what he's doing more than flipping through law books--for now or maybe forever. He may want to go into entertainment in any number of ways and he may do more than wrestling at this time. Have you fellas heard of Duane "The Rock" Johnson or "Hulk Hogan"? Plenty of law graduates do no practice law. Life is about choices. Give me a break.

Chris Cruz

@ Dean:

Yes, the majority of law school graduates do not practice law. But there is something to be said for a man who is 30 year old with a first rate education who flits from reality show to reality show. Oh and whose meal ticket is a woman.

I have never heard that Dwyane Johnson "The Rock" went to law school or is a law school graduate. Do be a dear and post a link to that, thanks luv!


I just don't understand why our people seem to go the lowest common denominator. No a lot of people don't practice law after their law degree. I get that. But the best he can do with his Harvard education is be on a low class reality show(Not the Apprentice but I love NY-2).

Come on. When are we going to say that we're better than that.


In a society where we see so called celebrities with ABSOLUTELY no damn brains or TALENT, Why in the world would anybody hate on David who has proven he has brains e.g., Harvard Law Degree; majored Pre-Med undergrad; physically fit; good looks. And Jennifer, don't get me started on her. Beautiful Pecan Brown; Oscar Award winning Actor; Vocal Cords of a Angel; top selling album. Why is it that some in society ("The Cast of the Hills; Kim K) Can have no talent or degrees and they are loved and people like JHud and D.A have to have discovered the cure for Cancer to not be hated on! You damn Haters keep motivating these two stars to "Keep on Grinding to the top". I thank-you on their behalf.


He's pursuing a passion and is happy. If Jennifer is happy, why do you guys care?

Life is short. Enjoy it.

Chris Cruz

Who are these MySpacers?

Newsflash: Not everyone who isn't a fan of any random celebrity is a "hater". That term is ridiculously over used in the black (and black gay) community.

Ivy league degrees are not that exotic a commodity. I went to MIT, my cousins went to Princeton and Yale, yada yada yada. George Bush went to Harvard B School and look what happened to our economy. The question becomes: What are you doing with it? And truly, if "Punk" is wrestling with high school dropouts and on reality shows with ghetto mamas, well, birds of a feather.

But "Yoyo" you answer yourself. Most people on these lame reality shows have no degrees or education. But yet they're just as "accomplished" as David Otunga.



one black man with a harvard law degree is in the white house, the other is on local cable wrestling in florida. not impressed


Co-sign Dean.

If he wants to do other things/have fun/fulfill some dreams, sh*t he has a right too.

Being a lawyer will always be there. Court of law will not disappear.

Stop hating cause you can do what you want to do but survie paycheck to paycheck.


I'm surprised he didn't walk in to the ring under JHud's "Spotlight".

Obviously this is fake.


....Stop hating cause you can do what you want to do but survie paycheck to paycheck....

Did you mean "survive", darling?

With that spelling and the vocabulary of calling anyone who disagrees a "hater" ... I'm so sure you are the paycheck to paycheck "Hi, May I Help You" hourly type.

Baltimore Femme

I love love LOVE Miss Jennifer Hudson but if she thinks a reality show wrestling wannabe celebrity is husband and father material, more power to her. OK. But you know our black celebs. You can take the girl out of the hood but you can't ..


FQ, what you pointed out was petty. Obviously, you understood what the person was saying.

Stop being a typical evil queen. It doesn't look good, sweetie.


@ Doug: Okay girl, I'll do better. How about this?

"With that spelling and the vocabulary of calling anyone who disagrees a "hater" ... I'm so sure you are the paycheck to paycheck "Hi, May I Help You" hourly type."

Better, sweetie?

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