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01 June 2009



This is just awful. That school system is determined to try to make a mockery of little Jaheem's death. I hope those teachers are sued too.

It won't bring Jaheem back but it will teach them a lesson.,..and try to ensure there are no repeats.

Earl FF

Oh and the best part...the schools refuse to provide a written copy of the report.

Chitown Kev

Who do these ignorant wanna be ghetto (but they really ain't)negroes who run the dekalb county schools think they're trying to fool with that gay = happy bullsh*t?

Derrick from Philly

I've said before, and some thought I was crazy: I'd rather be a child, black & labeled gay (a sissy/faggot) in the 1960s than now. I don't believe people were as cruel. I don't think people could get away with torturing children the way they do now. Well, maybe it was more hidden....but kids weren't as mean to each other.


This whole story is so fishy.

Moore and Superintendent Crawford I don't trust either one of these skanks.

I would of laughed in there faces when they said an 11-year old didn't know what 'Gay' means. yeah oh-kay, I'll remind my nephew that when kids call him gay.


this is BS!

they actually think those students used the term "gay" as happy??? Come on. Stop the bs!

Those students knew it was sexual term.


Give me a break, this isn't a 1935 Hollywood movie with gay as a word for being carefree and happy, its real life and we all know what gay means, even kids, which is just too much for me to get as I didn't know what a homosexual was until I was in high school and even then, not sure then, other than I liked guys over women.

More disgusting nonsense from people who refuse to see their own homophobia.


Yeah, gay hasn't meant happy since "The Flintstones." They need to go somewhere with that. Gay is used, by many, as pejorative term -- not a superlative one.


"Teachers are so afraid that if they say something that some parent is going to call up and say you’re promoting homosexuality, that’s the fear in Georgia."

I think this David Schutten fellow may have a good point here. The churchgoers and the right wingers have accomplished what they really want: Everyone is cowering in fear of the them. That is what puts a smile on every bully’s face.


R they F-ing serious. See i would have just burn the school down. after hour and and maybe a few teachers cars

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