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08 July 2009


alicia banks

how femme is this lying fool?


and.. how big of a fool does this lying preacher think we are?


How could his religious beliefs NOT influence his policy-making?
I thought the whole point of religious beliefs was that it infects every part of your life and your thinking? From your relationships, your job, to where you choose to live...
Freedom of religion?
How about freedom FROM religion?

alicia banks


i love billy o
we went to uiuc together

he was one of the cutest and coolest men on campus
and one of my very best dj's at wbml!...

go billy!

a. mcewen

the proof is in the pudding, as they say. If he gets appointed, remember his words and if he steps out of line, then call him out on them.

formerly the FBB

it's sad for me. i met a couple of his members right before Rod posted the first story about him. they invited me to a service and i liked it - was very comfortable and considered visiting again. to then find out about his views is heartbreaking but we all know he's going to say whatever he has to in order to get in.


So, he wouldn't oppose a homeless shelter for gay teens, even though he believes they all deserve to be punished with torture and agony in Hell, unceasingly and eternally.

How white of him.

If the "paramount priorities" of Reverend De Jesus are opposing abortion and homosexuality, then his personal relationship with Jesus amounts to an attitude of complete contempt.


Firece Glamor Shot!


What is sad to me is that he focuses on abortion & homosexuality when there are a host of other issues impacting the community he serves that he will ignore. Latino and Black anti-gay preachers get me in this way: our people have important needs not being met while you rail against gay folks.


I was one of 30 people who attended a meeting at La Bruquena restaurant a few weeks ago with Pastor De Jesús, which included mostly Puerto Rican representatives of different community organizations that deal with LGBTQ issues. Sadly, the vast majority of those who attended did not live in the 26th Ward. Interestingly enough, it was from those who did not live here that questions about important community issues like gentrification, the development of Paseo Boricua, violence, and education ...etc were absent. It was from those activists who live and work in this community, who organize LGBTQ events (which most of De Jesús' discontents do not attend), and fight homophobia and transphobia on a daily basis in the schools, programs, and institutions of Humboldt Park, that a real dialogue took place. Please name an evangelical pastor who would meet with a group of LGBTQ leaders? Which evangelical pastor would explain herself/himself on hers/his beliefs to such a group? Which evangelical pastor would support the construction of a gay homeless shelter in Humboldt Park that Vida/SIDA is doing? None, except for Pastor Choco!

Read more at my blog: xaviersrevenge.blogspot.com

Kevin Perez

I would've rather had this SOB simply ignore the LGBT meeting because his statements don't offer any new insight and is the same tired BS we hear on a daily basis from our communities. You can take Pastor Choco and shove him up you know where.

Oh and once more Xavier, go to Hell! Interesting you don't point out his inflammatory statements about LGBT harrasing poor virgins, which means he thinks of us as sex-starved maniacs trying to get in bed with everyone. Great blog, btw, such a insightful source! With barely any comments and reek of nationalisim.

But it brings a smile to my face knowing those from the island view Nuyoricans and Stateside Puerto Ricans as vermin who, as well as those from la isla, view LGBT are vermin but are the same pile of s*ht to the elist, ruling class of America. For a group of people that complain about racism, don't forget the treatment of our darker-skinned skin in Puerto Rico and the rest of Latin America. And the "We pretend love Black people but secretely hate them" crowd as well! We all know there's plenty fo them in the Latino/Puerto Rican community too!

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