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21 July 2009



What about husbands and wives who engage in anal sex? Would he discriminate against them as well. I don't know how I feel about Sheila supporting this man. I mean there are a couple of Republicans that I have agreed with on certain things and I voted for them, but I mostly consider myself a Democrat. But if he really would block someone from a position based on their sexual preference or PRIVATE sexual practices (that he has no clue about), then Sheila may not wnat to align herself with him. However, it is entirely possible that she is Anti-Gay herself... hmmmmm.

Derrick from Philly

Ms Johnson reminds of Madame Ciprien Ricard of Louisiana. At the dawn of the Civil War, Madame Ricard owned almost 200 slaves. She donated large amounts of money to the Confederate "cause".

Just before the war the state of Lousiana was about to make Madame leave Louisiana. And that was becasue Madame Ciprien Ricard had about the same skin complexion as that of Madame Sheila Johnson.

Moving On

of course she is anti gay and whatever else the candidate she supports has on the table. people need to get it in their heads that black folks are also capable of discriminating and many are extremely conservative. i stopped looking at black organization for support when it comes to gay rights. waste of time.


I think it would be best if the Johnson's avoided politics and stick to philanthropy. This is ridiculous and clearly an an act of aggrandizement on her part. And what sluggish economy in "Northern Virginia"?

alicia banks



extremely ingnorant

treacherous coons

see more new classic black gaybashing here:




Never was a fan of BET. It could have done a lot better. Never was a fan of Robert Johnson. Can't forget the disgraceful comments he made against then-Sen. Barack Obama. And I see she has sprouted her own venomous roots. Nothing new. Same old, same old.


>>>And what sluggish economy in "Northern Virginia"?<<

Preach on, Diva Ross!
NoVa is booming. There is sluggish growth to the south and east.

I am very disappointed in Sheila Johnson. Very.

And Rod thanks a million for calling this one. Even WaPo glossed over McDonnell'
s hateful record.


There is a biography of the Johnsons called "The Billion Dollar BET." It paints them as money-grubbing opportunists who would do anything to get over.
And they did. Selling to Viacom was like a knife in the heart.

(Should a white corporation be allowed to call itself Black Entertainment Television? What if I started the Jewish Network? What if I put up the worst caricatures of jews I could think of? All hayel would break loose.)





Why am I not surprised?! Remember, Bob supported Hillary till the end. This is about appearances for them AND maintaining money!



Wow. Really? This chick is so dense. He doesn't like gays nor women, but hey, the al mighty dollar preaches to some I suppose.-QH


i wonder how many of these comments are from haters who wish they had Bob or Sheila's billions?

Carter G


Sheila and Bob Johnson, despite their billions, are a disgrace to the race.

And sorry, I'd rather have values and a modest income than be a billionaire and have no values.


@ seahawk

A black corporation shouldn't be allowed to call itself Black Entertainment Television. BET was disgraceful and embarrassing. They didn't even attempt to make shows that uplifted the black community and give rising black talent an opportunity to shine. It reminded me of this movie that Spike Lee did years ago about a black television show that was like a modern day minstrel show and the characters were in blackface. It starred Jada Pinkett, Savion Glover, Damon Wayans, and Tommy Davidson. I just remembered the name of the movie is Bamboozled. Bamboozled could be replaced with BET.


Seek and ye shall find. It turns out ol' sistah Johnson's Salamander Inn located in upscale Middleburg, Va was suppose to open this summer but was put on hold because of the economy.

Anyone wanna bet this isn't going to jump start it with paying republican guests when it finally does? This chick ain't no fool.

There are people out there called black republicans whose pic-a-ninny antics, meetings and hotel expenses are paid for by the rethuglicans.

Republicans in Washington are a big voice in No. Va. and still have deep pockets (though Mr. Steele is not known for bringing in the bucks).

What is $600k when the connection and publicity alone is worth $6 million (at least) to that Inn during it's first year when it finally opens.

Keep in mind folks in the case of the Johnson's I don't see how anyone can be shocked by their behavior. The plan was to get you to watch their channel, not shoulder any the "baggage" of the community, as I have no doubt they privately refer to us as.

Unfortunately their plan worked. Is it really necessary I ad "with the help of whom"?

Rod Mc

[pulling up a chair and popping popcorn]

Y'all are cutting up somethin' fierce in here. I had no idea this post would generate such discussion. Carry on!


I must say that the Madame Ciprien Ricard comparison was quite clever.


I think BET strikes a sensitive chord with a lot of folks.
It represents and displays almost everything negative about black Americans.
Commercialism, attitudinal, anti-intellectual, sexist, homophobic, superficiality - all with a minstral smile.



When I say that they supported Hillary till the end, I am saying very sternly that they made it a point to NOT support Barack, even when the tide had turned AND HILLARY WAS SUPPORTING BARACK! They were hell-bent on not supporting him and they hell-bent and not supporting affirming and progressive politics.


"When I say that they supported Hillary till the end, I am saying very sternly that they made it a point to NOT support Barack..."

I see RevKev has ramped up his attempt to somehow blame Hillary for Sheila's support of an antichoice, antigay Republican. He went from correctly noting that Sheila's ex-husband supported Hillary to wildly claiming "they" supported Hillary, which isn't true. Sheila was an early supporter of Barack Obama. This is 100% their game. Barack Obama had Catholic Doug Kmiec (former legal counsel to Reagan and Bush) stump for him---Kmiec was a big proponent of Prop 8. Obama also had Donnie McClurkin, ex-gay homophobe, on the campaign trail. But his Inaugural Invocation was best of all... wasn't it perfect for Obama to be ushered in by homophobe Rick Warren, who likened gay marriage to incest? And to this day, Obama is paving the way for all the Sheila Johnsons and Bob McDonnells out there. After all, Obama appointed McDonnell's pro-lifer buddy Tim Kaine as head of DNC! And instead of dismantling Bush's Faith Based Office, Obama expanded it, and appointed antichoice activist Alexia Kelley, whose goal is to reduce access to abortion providers, to preside over it.

Don't drag Hillary into this. This is Obama "change" all the way, and ....nice try, but Sheila came out early and came out strongly to endorse Obama in 2007.

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