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23 July 2009






The idea that "no gays ever had to sit in the back of the bus" is SO insulting, like GAY was "invented" and it was "invented" post-Civil Rights! OF COURSE GAYS AND LESBIANS RODE IN THE BACK OF THE BUS and were beaten and raped (REMEMBER THAT SCENE IN "THE WOMEN OF BREWSTER PLACE!?") and vile and hateful people have LONG raped lesbian women, trying to "change" them and gay men, because they had the audacity to present in any way feminine.

AGAIN, THE MIGHT AND MAJESTY, THE HURT AND HISTORY OF THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT IS DISRESPECTED AND DESTROYED if it isn't given its rightful place in American Social Justice! Because of the Civil Rights Movement, migrant workers fought for their rights, Chinese students gathered in a Square and faced down a tank and people who can't even speak english proudly sang "WE SHALL OVERCOME" in areas around the world, to show that they were willing to fight!

Black people need to stop to quickly and so stupidly giving away our worth and our might. THE FIGHT FOR CIVIL RIGHTS NEEDS NO NEW ADJECTIVE!

CIVIL = POLITE, AFFABLE, COURTEOUS and that incorporates the way that we should ALL be treated!



Two Words: Bayard Rustin.

Lang B

Sick a repressive. This Pastor and many like him are just VILE and would do anything to promote hatred. It's so counter to a compiled "book" and religion that they live by. Just as bad as nazi's and kkk members in my book. This attitude just validates racism, sexism and agism. How 'bout no rights for all- is that next?

Derrick from  Philly

Another black member of the White Citizens' Council and the Ku Klux Klan.

"Negro Rights are not Civil Rights"

Chitown Kev



WOW.. Of all the messages of love, peace, and inspiration they could have put on that billboard, this is what they went with? Now do you call that a christian? NO! NO!


You have to remember that everyone has their own opinion. So if this person fells that way then who are we to judge. Now I live not to far from Gatesville and it is a small town. They just got a Super Walmart...inside joke. Trust me his words were small as the location of the sign. Yes it is hateful but we must rise from the occasion. Like pointed out earlier he is unaware of the fact GAYS come in ALL COLORS and ALL RACES and ALL GENERATIONS. We didn't just start this revolution of gays but it is history of it. There are similarities so let's rmember that.


--->You have to remember that everyone has their own opinion. So if this person fells that way then who are we to judge.


We are not "judging". They are "judging" us and saying WE DO NOT DESERVE equal rights.

The town may be small but many blacks are saying that. Why? BECAUSE WE REFUSE TO COME OUT and be visible and fight for our rights. So please, no outraged comments from all of the fierce advocates of Terrell Carter and other black men to stay closeted, lie, and go to their churches and play Dont Ask Dont Tell.

Oh and I am really over black LGBTs (if you are black) using the same trite phrases the anti-gay black church uses against us. smh


One of the problems is that most of these people who scream about civil rights not being the same as gay rights forget that the civil rights movement was not about rights just for blacks. King called it a movement for all who are denied rights. If you ask these people to discuss the murders and harassment of our LGBT community, they couldn't say anything because they are so uninformed and uncaring about anyone outside of their narrow view of civil rights.

Do they ever say anything about the fact that women marched for civil rights in the 1920's way before the black civil rights movement? Do they acknowledge the fact that Rev. King utilized Ghandi's non-violent civil rights structure from 1940's India for the black civil rights movement? Rev. Dr. King did. So when these homophobic straight folks start screaming about who "owns" the civil rights movement, and exactly what a civil right is, they need to open up a few history books in addition to their bibles and get caught up on the facts.


I think it's just sad that it never occurred to them that there are MILLIONS of black glbt people on this planet.

Just because you are a preacher it doesn't mean you have sense.


RevKev's comments in an earlier post was very insightful regarding homosexuality and the bible. What did Jesus have to say about gays? What's the story of Sodom and Gomorrah really about?

I'm not sure if Minister Dollins is really that full of hate to make him buy the billboard time, or if he's simply uneducated regarding some of the Bible's teachings. Sadly, as a minister, he is likely teaching his followers some of the same fallacies that he was taught.

Dallas Cowboy

Rev Kev,, I live for your wisdom!


Mean people suck.

Nathan James

People wonder why gays and lesbians suffer suicide and depression rates way above the national average. These public displays of hatred are a big reason why! It seems as though in this summer of 2009, it's once again open season on gays, from the streets of my neighborhood, to Texas, to California, and even in Washington. D.C. How comfortable Rev. Dollins and sign owner Miller must feel in broadcasting their bigotry for all to see. Why not put a sign at the Gatesville city limits that reads "Gays not welcome here. Keep driving."

I take particular exception to the sign's explicit message "Gay Rights are not Civil Rights". History teaches us that without black gays, there would have been no civil rights movement as we know it. Before these bigots dressed up as men of God start talking about MLK and the "hijacking of the black civil-rights", I don't need to say anything about MLK and his views on black gays in the Movement. Dr. King speaks very well for himself. In February 1964, just before he was to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, the New York Times asked him about the presence of Bayard Rustin and James Baldwin in his inner circle. King replied "the importance of these men to the achievement of our goals is so overwhelming, that their private lives are of little consequence to me."

Obviously, Dr. King was way ahead of his time. I wonder what he would say to Rev. Dollins about such a blatant proclamation of hate and ignorance. Surely King's ghost recoils in disgust at the idea of a pastor engaging in this kind of demonic activity. I still can't safely walk the streets of my own city if I dare to be out and proud. I still can't travel to other cities in safety if I want to "be myself" in dress, carriage, demeanor, or expression. I still can't find acceptance as a person of worth among other people of color, if I dare let them know I am gay. Rev. Dollins and counless others like him all over America (and, as Rod astutely reminds us, around the world), make sure my spirit is stomped upon, my sense of self-worth is shredded, and my value in the eyes of others is diminished because of my sexuality.

Of course, if I join the millions of other gays and lesbians around the world who have been driven to suicide by the constant, open displays of hatred they are subjected to every day, people will say "he did it to himself". No one will look around at the environment our community has to live in, and correctly identify pervasive persecution, open bigotry, repeated violence against us, and public displays of hatred as a proximate cause. Of course, this is intended. Rev. Dollins and others of his ilk WANT us to go away.

I do fear for the future of a society so willing to broadcast its intolerance in this blatant manner. I fear even more for anyone who has just discovered they are LGBT, and are immediately confronted with this world of hate we live in.

Kevin Perez

LGBT of color are basically scapegoats for EVERYBODY. Be they the White, middle-class, heterosexual, Christian majority, the White Middle class gays with privilidge, other ethnic minorities, religious groups as well as heterosexist POC, specifically Blacks and Latinos. Not to mention church queens, wannabe DL losers, and the self-hating homos that think they're "straight" and hate on the fems!

EVERYONE hate us, even ourselves! Ethnic minorities should know better and stop pretending they've never met LGBT of color and feign ignorance on the issue by equating gay with White and middle class.

Phil E. Drifter

Where's he gettin' the money to pay for it, hmmm? They're the ones to blame.

If people stopped giving him money, he'd have to shut down and do iunno what.


I hope that someone educates Rev. Dollins. His ignorance could lead to someone being physically harmed. Sigh.

Enough to make an athiest consider prayer. However, activism is better imo!


I do believe that Civil Rights and Gay Rights should each have there own place in history. However, it is ridiculous to not see the GREAT parallels in these movements! If you aren't able to see the parallels then you are either a bigot or just plain DUMB! POINT BLANK!!


I've got one thing to say to those who think that gays aren't persecuted (the correct word to use, not prosecuted): Matthew Shepard. For those of you not familiar with him, he was a young man in Wyoming that was beaten nearly to death and tied to a fence post where he was found the next day. The man who found him thought that he wasn't seeing anything human, because the kid was beaten past the point of recognition. It took him 5 days to die, and he never regained consciousness. The two guys who beat him said it was because he was gay.

Show me a straight person that happens to purely because they are straight. It just doesn't happen. But it happens to gays all the time.

Gays have to put up with us straight people holding hands, kissing in public, showing affection all the time, and did any of us ever think that such things might bother THEM? OF course not. But when they do it, we all stand there like the real hypocrites we are and express disgust. Personally, I don't really care. Sometimes watching a couple of EITHER variety is disgusting. Time and a place for everything.

Gays are members of every society in the world. They have never been a problem for me, and I've known many, as I play music in restaurants and gays usually work in them. They have always been nice to me, and in fact, frequently nicer than a lot of straights are.

Chances are that you know a lot of them, too. And if you treat them like human beings, then they will be the same way with you. It's time that this country grow up and get over itself. People deserve to be treated like a part of the society they belong to.

And BTW, civil rights belong to EVERYONE. Just because you're black doesn't give you any special right to feel put upon. Remember, it's harder to be gay than black, because no black kid ever had to break the news to his parents that he was black, did he?


>>>Chances are that you know a lot of them, too.

>>>Remember, it's harder to be gay than black, because no black kid ever had to break the news to his parents that he was black, did he?

Perhaps you didn;t even realize that? Do you cut and paste that comment on all black-looking blogs?

No offense but how is it "harder" to be white and gay than black, poor and gay? I don't want get into "oppression Olympics" (to quote Pam) but we are all saying that blacks, gays and everyone deserves rights., But no offense, for you to come here and lecture us on Matthew Shepard is an insult. If you even read Rod's post, he lists many names of black gay LGBts who have been killed in hate crimes. They just don't make the news or get the same amount of attention.


Chitown Kev


Wow, how ignorant can you get? Have you even read Rod's archives? Hell, for that matter is Matthew Sheperd all that you got? Go and look at some of Rod's archives for the past, oh, month. Or...hell, any white gay blog for that matter.

Jesus Christ, epic stupid and fail. Though I do suspect that you are simply linking to wherever this story is posted.


Rod, gooooood post. RevKev too. Very well written and inspiring. (and I aint sayin that just because I live up the freeway in the DFW Metroplex.)


Oooh, I'm shaking in my shoes. I'm neither shocked nor surprised. This is standard fair from the homophobes. I have stopped caring about what they think a long time ago. This is just a reminder of the work that remains to be completed. Words mean nothing. Laws do. Laws are the only things that protect us from persecution and false prosecution.

I come from a different viewpoint than some of you because I could care less how the black church or any other church feels about LGBT rights. We need laws on the books that protect us and ensure us of our right to exist freely and openly. They can hate me all they want to, but with LGBT-friendly laws on the books, they cannot deny me or anyone else -- I don't care how many verses they quote or how many billboards they fill up.


I don't comment here much, but I am an avid reader. I am also black gay man. I have read a lot of posts telling black gay men to come out. I am all for that, but first the black men (and women and gender queer/benders) who ARE out need to be organized and need to start standing up to BS as an organized political unit. That's the only way it's going to happen. Otherwise, we will be whining on message boards until the end of time. I don't know how it's going to happen, but it has to happen. It has to be on a local level, not some national press release factory like NBJC.

I'm all for black prides and having a good time. I get my drink on. I have sex, sometimes casually and NSA. I'm not ashamed of that. What I am a little ashamed of is that a lot of black gay money goes into those things and not into the things we need to create stable organizations for the needs of black gay men.

Secondly, we need to note how the church and black politics has usual has done little for black people. Sure, they have their outreaches and charities and projects that make a few lives better. But overall, statistically, it still gets worse. Where has the homophobia gotten us? Where has the sex negativity and puritanism coming from the pulpits gotten us? Nowhere! The HIV infections keep rising and the poverty, discrimination and unemployment and police brutality continue. No more groveling to the church or other homophobic institutions. They're wrong, wrong, wrong and it's time to tell them that not only have they failed black LGBTs (and we are the primary victims), but they have failed black America.


The article states: The sign owner, Virginia Miller, tells the Dallas Voice the pastor "wanted to get the message out to black people .. everything they fought for is being hijacked."

The supreme irony here is that it is not the civil rights movement that has been hijacked, it is the black church that has been hijacked.

Wouldn’t you love to know how much money white right-wing organizations put in the pockets of black pastors? And which ones have the full pockets?

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