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23 July 2009


Derrick from  Philly

Leave her be. If Joe Biden could call my President, "a clean black guy" and get away with it...so she made a boo boo. Although I still can't figure out what she was trying to say.

Carter G

@ Derrick:"McCaskill has a strong record on LGBT issues and an 85 percent score from the Human Rights Campaign. ... Probably another case of an ally using a very bad analogy to make a point."

yeah, i think that's what he was saying. but no one is messing with mccaskill, she said it to reporters. blame it on her.

fyi:at the time when biden made his remark, most of us were quite upset with him on this blog and so was everyone else. his campaign never really recovered, not that he had much of a chance. but of course, once biden began supporting obama all was forgiven.

just like mccaskill. when she made her racial remarks about obama during the primary... everyone forgave her b/c she was supporting obama.


Okay keep on gay people push away all of our supporters until we don't have anymore. Claire Mckaskill is cool people and if you people can't see that she is one of our allies then you are nuts. Never let the perfect become the enemy of the good. So what she slipped up she's not perfect but she is still a good person who is fighting for good!

State right's should be respected. That's apart of the checks and balances of our constitution.

I mean dang bitching about a woman with an 85% human rights record. Stupid.


>>>I mean dang bitching about a woman with an 85% human rights record. Stupid.

Who is "bitching"? Rod?
He pointed to her record and said she is ally but used a very bad example. And by state's rights, do you approve of DOMA? Yes or No?

This is exactly what Rod meant by framing progressive and LGBT issues with right wing talking points.

Just because someone is an ally, doesn't mean they can't be educated. Especially Democrats. She could easily make the argument against concealed weapons on the gun issue alone. And trust me, Claire McCaskill delights in playing the left against the right.

If McCaskill didnt realize how bad mistake was, she wouldnt have rushed to Twitter and a statement. Because now the Republicans have an opening to oppose certain LGBT rights, like adoption, marriage etc. Oh and Carter, yes, you definitely have a point.


FAMU, before I forget...

Are you also going to defend "state's rights", which was Pat Buchanan and Nixon's code language for opposing civil rights? And Republicans generally use this phrase to oppose civil rights? You did know this, right?

Clarence Thomas, Scalia and Alito often use this phrase. Thomas used it to argue against the Civil Rights Act just a few weeks ago.

Greg G

McCaskill: Good ally, moderate Dem, bad choice of words.

Derrick from  Philly

Wait a minute! Nobody here is chastising or "reading" Rod. Actually, we're not directing our comments at anyone individual. We're talking in general about this minor stink that Senator McCaskill has gotten herself into. My "...leave her be" is directed at everybody--not anyone specific. Same goes for Mr Famu's comment.


these guys sure love you up in here. Thank God, we all don't meet in person, they'll try to whup my arse if they feel I've disrespected you.



I see this as a bad choice of words, and there is no point of picking this part. It is what it is when her record speaks for itself on the GLBT issues.


@ Dalton

I still believe states have their rights.

Not saying Pat Buchannan can go do whatever. But um, yeah states have their rights.


Actually it was a very good analogy, just poorly worded. If one wants to use the "states' rights" argument then it has to be used consistently, not just when states' rights works in favor of one's pet issue.

That's true whether that issue is a "liberal" one (gay marriage) or a "conservative" one (concealed weapons).


She was just pointing out Republican hypocrisy. Republicans love states rights so long as the states are trying to do something to hurt their citizens. If any states are trying to help their citizens, then Republicans hate those same states rights.

However, by equating the issues of carrying a concealed weapon, which is an act that most people think should be regulated for the sake of our safety, and of gay rights, which is all about fundamental human rights and ought to be Constitutionally non-negotiable, she is handing the Republicans an opportunity down the road to accuse pro-gay Democrats of hypocrisy.

Greg G

>>>Actually it was a very good analogy

No it was a very bad analogy and McCaskill knew exactly what she was doing. The concealed weapons issue can be argued effectively by itself. Some states require firearms training, or this age to have a weapon, or that age, or permits for the car, etc. Bringing gays into the equation was a dog whistle.

And why are people defending Claire McCaskill on this stupid statement? Has she ever been mentioned on this blog before? Okay, she has an 85. And? Readers of this blog have eviscerated certain Democrats with 100 percent ratings. She's still a triangulating Blue Dog in a purple state who during the Bush years used every opportunity to shaft Democrats and vote with Republicans on the war, torture and now is opposing unions and health care. Maybe some of y'all will defend that too.

Dalton and Carter have a point. I see exactly what this defense of Mccaskill is all about. The Missouri blogs Rod linked to are not even defending this. She made a very bad analogy and gave a huge opening to Republicans. Thats why she rushed to Twitter and called the Advocate. If she didnt think it was a critical ... she would not have done that. No one is condemning her, no one is saying we hate her, we're saying it was wrong and we (=voters, donors) expect better. You can do that your friends. You don't have to defend and rationalize everything they do.

Greg G

And really? Criticize the gay "activists" who are out and fighting for our rights which many gay men dont have, like all those brothas in the red states? FAMU, you were arguing up and down that it was Terrell Carter's "business" if he went to every gay club and was hugged up with every little queen ... yet still told reporters he was straight. And no one had any "right" to say they say him or anyone in a public place cuz it was his 'business.' Didnt you even try to talk about a right to privacy (in a public place?!) or something?

Now you are criticizing "activists" who are "out" and trying to get legislation and policy implemented to fight homophobia and discrimination?

And that is many black gay men in a nutshell. I've really enjoyed some of your comments but I'm surprised you showed up in here, man. That's real talk.

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