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15 July 2009



The Republicans are just trying to trap her. I hope she turns the tables on them.


I absolutely love this woman. For 3 days, the Rethuglican senators have been trying to slip a noose around her neck by asking redundant question after redundant question in an effort to trip her up. And she is having NONE of it! She deftly and humbly tiptoes around their tantrum-like posturing as if speaking to children, without showing a shred of disrespect or exasperation (which in itself must take tremendous control). She avoids personal opinion and sticks to the law. Their bullying tactics are not working and they know it. They need to just confirm her and stop the BS.


@ soulbrotha

They will. Probably all the Dems will vote for her and a small handful of Rethugs will as well. The Rethugs are just doing this posturing for their constituencies. But I do agree with everything you said.

Rod Mc

Totally agree with both of you. It's posturing and playing to the base. But it's also fundraising, too, don't forget that.

I expect about half the GOP senators will vote for Sotomayor.

Great discussion from both of you, as usual.


I could never understand why they were asking these type of questions. Now I know! I'm so glad she answered the way she did and gave them nothing to feed on. She is being attacked unjustly and it is sickening, but not surprising. The Republicans continue to self implode with every passing day. I hope they keep it up!


A wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not know that a gaggle of white Republican men afraid of extinction are out to trip her up.

Work, FAMU. -RM


As the minority party, Republicans have a role to play as the “loyal opposition.” It is important that they provide some sort of checks and balances and don’t rubber stamp the agenda of the majority party.

Judge Sotomayor’s past speeches provide justification for their fear that she will bring her personal biases to the bench. They have questioned her thoroughly about this, as is their responsibility. (Their tone and tenor is all wrong, but that they are upholding this responsibility is all right.)

She did say that “I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn't lived that life."

Key word here: better.

Imagine if it turned out that a white male SCOTUS nominee had said in one of his speeches that “I would hope that a wise white man with the richness of his experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a black male who hasn't lived that life."

With fury we would have declared him a racist. The comments on this blog would have been about how white people are not “better” than us and don’t make “better decisions” than us.

It would have been ugly and that white male’s nomination would have been scuttled.

And, let’s not be hypocritical by commenting negatively on “posturing”. Democrats were not exhibiting any less of this during the confirmation hearings of Alito and Roberts.

You're cherry picking. Alito said that his father's immigrant and Italian background gave him a more robust perspective in life. I totally agree with that.

Perhaps you've missed the history of the past 500 years? White men have said all the time. And how very petty to focus on one sentence in a YouTube, no? -RM


Imagine if it turned out that a white male SCOTUS nominee had said in one of his speeches that “I would hope that a wise white man with the richness of his experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a black male who hasn't lived that life."

Imagine is the last thing we have to do. It's been said, its been done, its been documented. Have you been living under a rock? Have you no concept of history? White men have been saying that for hundreds of years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GASP! That someone else is daring to say they can make better decisions than white men.

I cannot tell you how many times during my history classes I have read over historical documents that began with "The negro with his inferior intellect"

Get a grip man/woman.

Chris Cruz

@ R.O.

I strongly suspect you are another white conservative gay man that visits this site to gawk at black bodies and patronize the coloreds.

That of course is white privilege, just like Sessions, Hatch and Miss Lindsey Graham are doing today. Perhaps you agree with Pat Buchanan that Sarah Palin/UofIdaho is more qualified than Sonia Sotomayor/Princeton, Yale and 17 years on the federal bench?


They are putting her through the wringer, a little more than needed. That's alright though, it is time for this country to have women, gays, Hispanics, Blacks, etc. move into running our country for a change.

Republicans don't speak for me. I find it odd that these white men act as if they don't carry bias into their court room decisions. Humph. I think the "wise Latina" was a great comment.-QH

mike in madrid

While the Republicans have been asking the more "interesting" questions in these confirmation hearings, as may be their job as the "loyal opposition", the questioning reveals more about their own character than it does Sotomayor's. She's keeping her head high and playing the game, i.e. giving relatively boring answers, until her likely confirmation. It'll be interesting, though, to hear what she has to say about gay marriage.


LOL, “…missed the history of the past 500 year.” Come on Rod, such sarcasm.

One of the problems with our political system is the divisive, petty nature of our political discourse. I believe that it serves no one well to dismiss and demonize Republicans as Rethuglicans or Rethugs. It just mucks everything up and, among other things, lessens the positive appeal of public service that is necessary to bring good people into government.

So I don’t call Republicans bad names simply because they belong to a political party whose ideas I don’t support. Perhaps that is why it may have unclear that I am not supportive of their efforts.

It is not realistic to expect Republicans, the minority party, to toe the line of the other party by supporting the Sotomayor nomination without the NORMAL “posturing” that goes on regardless of who is running the show.

There is no cherry picking going on here. As you know, words matter when it comes to the law and interpreting the Constitution…something that the Judge will soon be doing at the highest level of the Judicial branch. One comment that is made as part of a SCOTUS opinion can make all the difference.

Republicans do not comment on Aito’s remarks about his immigrant father because it is apples and oranges. “More robust” is not the same as “better.”

In her now infamous 2002 speech, she also said that it is appropriate for a judge to consider their “experiences as women and people of color.” There is nothing wrong with her saying that. If she had left it at that alone, no controversy would exist.

But she didn’t, and hence her confirmation challenges.

Having said all of that, I wish her well and hope that she is confirmed.

I'm done on this one. I am going to go back to reading the Soulja Boy comments!

Though we may not be "on the same page", I got love all of my fellow GBMs! Especially you ROD!

[I believe that it serves no one well to dismiss and demonize Republicans as Rethuglicans or Rethugs.]

And I believe it serves no one well to invent phrases and put words in my mouth. Don't ever put words in my mouth. I absolutely never used those words in my previous comments or have ever used it any post. You can Google and confirm that. The fact you would invent an argument around words/phrases I never used speaks for itself.

And this coming from someone parsing the "wise Latina" meme from YouTube? And to deny white privilege, white entitlement, European colonialism or the history of western civilization ... and then to claim you are a "gay black man". LOL/SMH ... Yeah, you keep telling yourself that, "black" man. -RM


Rod, please indulge me. Allow me to civilly respond to two who attacked. And then I’m through with this one. No domination of the discussion intended.

Mr. Famu: It’s Mr. First, to believe that one race of people makes better decision as a result of their race is called racism. That’s wrong. It is so, regardless of whether the belief is held by a white man, black man or Latino women.

Sotomayor has disavowed her “better” comment. One day that too will be in the historical documents that you read in your history classes.

Please provide one example, just one, where a nominee to the highest court in the land has said as much prior to his confirmation. Just one… "Bueller...? Bueller...?"

Mr. Cruz: Nope. I am as Black as the cast iron frying pan used by my great grandmom to make pork skins in the oven many years ago for us “childen”. Not white. Not Latino either. Just black…and proud, so proud! Oh, and liberal. And educated.

Is she qualified? Of course. That is SO not my point. You’re reading what you want to read, not what I wrote. Please try again.


@ R.O.

ALITO: Senator, I tried to in my opening statement, I tried to provide a little picture of who I am as a human being and how my background and my experiences have shaped me and brought me to this point. … And that’s why I went into that in my opening statement. Because when a case comes before me involving, let’s say, someone who is an immigrant — and we get an awful lot of immigration cases and naturalization cases — I can’t help but think of my own ancestors, because it wasn’t that long ago when they were in that position. [...]

And that goes down the line. When I get a case about discrimination, I have to think about people in my own family who suffered discrimination because of their ethnic background or because of religion or because of gender. And I do take that into account.

That's what Alito said exactly. And pay attention to the last line. Doesn't that sound like he empathizes when making decisions? Rod was right. You are cherry-picking. You wish to focus on a couple of lines from a speech Sotomayor gave, while at the same time you ignore the comments conservative judges have made.

Former Chief Justice Rehnquist wrote a memorandum supporting Plessy vs. Ferguson which said that the Jim Crow separate but equal principle was constitutional. He also proposed a constitutional amendment that would limit the enforcement of Brown vs. the Board of Education. He also supported white-only primaries and was against public accommodation ordinances.

Where has Sotomayor said anything that scratches the surface of what Rehnquist said, felt, and believed? It's always funny to hear people spout off on one narrow-minded issue and fail to shine a light on everything else that has occurred. Just come out and say you don't like her instead of employing feeble and poorly thought out arguments that are half-baked and undercooked.


>>>LOL, “…missed the history of the past 500 year.” Come on Rod, such sarcasm.<<<

Slavery, apartheid, Jim Crow, discrimination, imperialism, lynching black men in the South. I'm not laughing. Those experiences were sarcasm?

But I truly have never met anyone black in my life who would dispute these truths and dispute white men have maintained for centuries they are the masters of the universe.

Yeah and the fact you say this, while lying about Rod "demonizing Rethuglicans" (everyone knows he never uses words like Rethugs),, and obsessing over Soulja Boy's fake bulge... man, that just screams gay white black-dick obsessed conservative. We get them all the time, R.O., you are very easy to spot. I am sure you have a framed portrait of Andrew Sullivan somewhere.

BTW, I like all the races and I like the fact many white men read this blog. I do not like the fact that some are more interested in pictures of thugs and athletes, and less interested in our issues. And try to tell us what our issues or history is. It's called "patronizing" or "condescending."


@ R.O.: If Sotomayor "has disavowed her 'better' comment":, why are you focused on it? If explained it, why are you obsessed around it? Because only conservative whites are. It's called a "straw man" argument.

And no, I absolutely do not believe you are a black for a minute. WTF why "LOL" about the past 500 years? Our history is replete with examples of white men believing they are better and have better judgment than darker skinned people. It happens every day.

Oh yeah. Total loss of points for claiming Rod said "Rethug." He didn't and we all know he doesn't talk or write like that.

There really is very little else to say after that last stunt. Everything you are saying is now tainted.


Well, I'll admit that I used rethug and rethuglican in the past on this website. And I will use it again.

Even though I don't think that R.O. is Black, I wouldn't be surprised either. After all, the Rethuglicans do have Michael Steele, Thomas Sowell, Ken Blackwell, and Alan Keyes -- just to name a few. And Condoleeza Rice and Colin Powell have carried their water for them.

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