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21 July 2009


Dallas Cowboy



why don't i see any of these on his twitter?



On your twitter page you will see a search box in the right side column of the page. Type terrellmusic (NO SPACES) in that box and all tweets directed at him will show up. Somehow he is deleting some of them from the public time line thing and I don't understand how he can do that though, but apparently he can. However, he can't stop them forever! People will just keep posting and posting, LOL! He hope he gets the strength to just stand up and be who he is and put all this foolishness to the side.


I'm followin Rod right now! Twitter is easy to navigate. I already found everything he talked about. I don't like the letter limit though.


Yah so that is Terrell's plan? To just keep ignoring the 50olb gorilla in the room?

Funny song "I Don't Give a Damn".

If he really didn't give a damn, then he should man up. Oh and all his Twitter fans look like church women and church queens.


so, no response but he'll plug some wack album that NO ONE is going to buy?

clearly, he did NOT work ms. perry's casting couch OUT like he should have...

tsk tsk tsk...

and he's really not that great of a singer....

i still feel that if he came out, people would probably NOTICE him....

Rod Mc

Isis, you learned this fast.

I made a mistake and corrected it on the blog. Most of the Tweets you see are "ignored" by TC and not deleted. The only ones he responds to publicly are on his timeline.

I do have some a number of Tweets that were actually deleted. That is another story that we can't go into now.

I think Terrell Carter is very talented. He's getting some very bad advice on how to handle this.

Barry S

Okay, so Terrell is ignoring dozens of comments from fans? Will the closet wannabe DL gay church boys defend this as "his business"?

Have some strength and be the man you are supposed to be!


lol @ shade tea

oh i think miss terrell worked madea's casting couch alright!

Greg G

I am not surprised. I expected this when we saw the "gossip" song. Not very upsetting but not very surprising. But still not very good fans have many questions and he won't even address the truth...prefers the safety of his glass closet.

I suppose someone will say that is his "business" right?

Excellent voice and truly gifted...but a product of that same "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" in the black church. And we all know what that has done to our community and black gay men.

Former COGIC

"Been working on my album"?
That's all he says about his ex-putting him on blast across internet, tv and radio? Not even "It's been a rough week or two but please hang in there with me?" Not even that?

Man, I guess if the truth and his life don't merit an explanation, I will damn sho to dare some "brother" to start defending this bs. If Terrell refuses to discuss or defend his life...why should we?

I'm done. Thanks Rod, but no further updates are needed. Please focus your energy on August Provost or Anthony Woods. True black gay men who are heroes!


i've seen enough. if he won't say anything, i won't either. done.

Kevin Perez

POC are so hypocritical when it comes to this BS. They get pissy and object when the elite of this country demand ethnic minorities to conform to their own negative perceptions of non-White folk but demand LGBT (be Black, Latino, Asian etc...) conform to their own bigoted notion that were sex-starved maniacs, deviants, attention whores, selfish, ungrateful, etc...Not to mention the scapegoat to blame for all the problems in our communities. I sound bitter, yes because one can only deal with such nonsense to a point.

As hateful as this sounds, I hope all of this blows up in his face. The comments on Twitter gave me a shudder and makes LMAO at those fools who think he's a heterosexual, God-fearing strong Black man!


Wow. Bravo for the article. Rodonline is seriously reaching with this. Maybe he doesn't want to talk about it because its his personal business? This site is just as bad as that guy who put his business out in the first place. I'm done too.

There have been only 3 stories on R20 on Terrell Carter in four years. In the past 48 hrs, there have been 5 stories on fatal hate crimes, 3 on anti-gay politicians, two on transgender murders ... and this blog is "just as bad"? You're delusional. Goodbye. -RM

Dave in PGC

@ Cogic: "Not even "It's been a rough week or two but please hang in there with me?"

You're absolutely right. I would think that's the minimum he could say to save ... face? But say absolutely nothing? Alrighty then.


Miss MM:

Don't get it twisted. We're not "done" with Rod. We're done with Terrell. Rod has published 3 (?) posts on Terrell. He's posted many, many more in the past two weeks on August Provost, on Anthony Woods running for congfress, on hate crimes, on that transgender murder in Syracuse...All of those stories broke HERE.

You queens kill me. You will fight to end for people who will never fight for or acknowledge you.

D. Askew

>>This site is just as bad as that guy who put his business out in the first place.<<

You mean the 22yo cha-cha queen who spread 30-something Terrell Carter's business across the internets? And sent photos to GAYBASHING black gossip blogs? That hate gays and use us for punchlines? And made some very very ugly claims that Rod TOLD everyone on this blog NOT to talk about? And banned anyone who did?

And of course, we have never ever seen your name in any other story ... like about the gay black sailor who was killed? Or the 18yo boy who killed another gay brotha with a gay panic defense?

Sad, pathetic excuse for a man.



OK I wasn't gonna say anything, but I must. Exactly how is Rod "Reaching"? What has he reported that isn't backed up with sufficient evidence. You need to go back and do some research, because I to had to be schooled about Terrell's past denials of his obvious homosexuality (or bisexuality). You should read all the disgusting remarks made on other blogs and then come here and compare them. But wait... there is no comparison to be made, because Rod is here to keep it REAL and not to pander to the mindless sheep that flock to the other blogs and post hateful invective. Rod has been clear that this is HIS blog and he will most certainly voice his opinion on things. This is not CNN or Fox or whatever you were expecting it to be. So please stop the Madness and Get a Clue! Thanks!

Also, let me add that I don't have a problem with Terrell and I hope he finds his way.

Former COGIC

Faison locked the truth. Closet cases, wannabe DL queens, scared older black gay men ... they will never comment on stories on gay rights, politics, marriage, thugs using gay panic defenses to kill us...but they will come on here and fight to death for Chris Brown, Tyler Perry, Terrell Carter. Or any other black gay man who they idolize and would "never fight for or acknowledge them." That is the lesson they learned from the gaybashing black church and the closet.

I said I was "done" with Terrell. If he won't even acknowledge his fans questions, or his sexuality, why the hell would someone come to this blog trying to fight for him?

Former COGIC

Oh and Twitter is public. Anyone can read these messages. I am assuming thousands saw them already.

You have no idea what you're talking about. Rod refused to post those libelous and scandalous twitters (did i say that right?) from the ex about Terrell. The "dirt" was dished everywhere else. He told us not to talk about it. And we didn't and many of us heard the gossip! We don't roll like that here. We are about lifting up black and Latino LGBTs not tearing them down!

Let me echo the Mighty Isis who just said she hopes Mr. Carter finds his way. I truly hope the same. He has the voice of angel and obviously this is a bad time for him, But this is HIS problem. What is done in the dark comes to light. I know that having been raised and grew up Church of God in Christ. You can only from yourself for so long.

King Drive

I'm not going to address MM's thread hijacking. Nice try, tho.

Terrell Carter wants to ignore questions from gay fans.So be it. We should all do the same.


King Drive and others,

I am with you. The clearest way that we can show Terrell Carter that his non-response is unappreciated is to say....


This story is going to become its own thing and push him up the blogosphere and such and he'll simply pimp the publicity to try to get notoriety. Someone famous once said "AS LONG AS THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT YOU, THEY'RE THINKING ABOUT YOU." That's the way in this business. Terrell's not going to man up on this because if he was, he would have. All of the conversation about him is just fodder that will help him sell records and he'll ride it down the gospel play highway.

Rod, I love you but leave this dude alone. He's never going to man up on this because he's the same guy who hide in the closet, ran to Brazil and The Abbey to "live in his pride," while ignoring his own community and going into the studio to act as they he's up for a 3some with 2 women.


"I DON'T GIVE A DAMN" - That's the loudest referendum we can hand this brother, who I am sure is reading everything. Another great quote says "YOU CAN HIDE YOUR HEAD, BUT YOUR FEET WILL SHOW!"


To be honest why do we need for him to confirm anything? He has to live his life and make his own desicions. Now I understand where everyone is coming from however, how much is it really going to impact your life for him to come clean? He is doing what he should have done in the first place. Not addressed it, if he felt like he couldn't come out. Judging by the comments from homophobic ignorant folk, who wants to jump into that and deal with that? True its a fight we have all had to fight at some point however, we don't know his struggle. All we know is that he tried to seperate himself from his truth and it has backfired. 3 post or 1 its beginning to seem personal....hmmmmm? I don't know and don't care... So, don't try to read a brotha... LOL But Seriously like RevKev said lets do what his new single saids and "NOT GIVE A DAMN"


It's so ironic that the main reason why black men are in the closet is because black men are in the closet.

Does no one make the connection that when you challenge an institution it will change? Or did we totally miss out on the civil rights movement and the womens liberation movement?

If he ignores his reality it just signals to other gay men that there are things greater than the truth. Hmm.

The Truth

I really don't care. That man is doing what's best for him. If he chooses not to address it at all, or whatever he chooses next, it is his business. I don't know his life, and i'm not having sex with him. So, hey, do you Terrell.

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