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14 July 2009



Good! One of my co-workers went to see it and said she wanted her money and her time back.


Twitter is really changing the game. Web 2.0 is really more like the telephone than the TV. A FUNDAMENTAL GAME CHANGER indeed!


very fascinating. we've already seen how the internet changes the political game



I am bored with Sasha Baron Cohen playing the same "I DON'T UNDERSTAND ANYTHING" character. This is Ali G is Borat is Bruno. They are all a version of the same thing and Bruno is the most offensive to me.

Borat is supposed to be from a small village in a distant country. Ali G is supposed to be a weedhead who's out of it. BRUNO, however, is supposed to be fierce and well-traveled and aware, and YET, he's an idiot!

I just don't like movies that insult my intelligent; not about orientation at all. If it were funny, I'd go, but the commercials had my teeth itching!


I actually wanted to see the movie. There's been so much buzz about it.Unfortunately it won't be coming to malaysia for obvious reasons-Its too gay for the malaysian audience.I guess i'll just have to buy it on dvd when it comes out.


I finally saw "Borat" a couple months ago. It was funny in some parts, but not the stomach cramp inducing laugh riot people made it out to be. The over the top marketing of "Bruno" pretty much turned me off. Like "Zoolander" before it, this movie looks like a Saturday Night Live sketch that ran way too long. "Borat" had some of the same effect. It's one joke that just gets stretched beyond tolerance. I'll wait for it to show up at my library. Yeah, library, I'm not spending money on this.

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