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15 August 2009



I'm definitely going to vote for him. I've already received my absentee ballot. I haven't seen any polling done on this congressional race yet. I'm concerned about his name recognition in this district. Garamendi, who is a democrat and is running against him, was the Insurance Commissioner in California. So he has demonstrated the ability to win an election. Also, I just received an advertisement in the mail for Garamendi that boasts President Clinton supports him. I'm hoping that the voters here don't just rely on name recognition and choose Garamendi. Anthony Woods was born and raised in the Fairfield area of this district. He's right about always choosing career politicians. They don't really change anything. Woods background of being discharged from the military for being gay after serving two tours in Iraq and making rank of captain gives him a unique perspective. This is how our founding fathers envisioned Congress -- bringing different backgrounds together to decide our nation's future.


Let me update my previous comment. I just saw a Survey USA/KPIX CBS 5 Poll that has Garamendi at 26%, State Senator Mark DeSaulnier at 15%, Assemblywoman Joan Buchanan at 12%, Anthony Woods at 5%, and 11% undecided. And Garamendi also has the support of Vice-President Al Gore, the Sierra Club, California's teachers and nurses, and other labor groups. I hope Woods stays in the process and builds up his base so he can challenge again on some political level. He still has my vote.


While you have to live in his district to vote for him, you don't have to live there to contribute. Money helps him get his name out there. Two weeks away from the primary, he'll need every dollar he can get.


When is this life long on the public dole John Garamendi going to get out of politcal office? This guy has been in office it seems since was a kid and I haven't been a kid in many years, let some new, young people with fresh ideas get into office and not the same old same.


@ Luther

You and I both agree. It's people like him that places a chokehold on the political system and prevents others from breathing.


Well, I hate to be the barer of bad news, but I work in government and that is the way of politics. If you don't have the money and name recognition, you usually get trampled upon. Woods should keep his name out amongst those in his district, but it is rare for a first time candidate to get a major office like Congressman.

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