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16 August 2009


Dallas Cowboy

The man really is fast as lightning. But sorry fugly give me Michael Rodgers or Asafa Powell.


why must u be so superficial at a time when u should be congratulatory

Dallas Cowboy

Nahtans, aren't you in the Caribbean? Or Jamaica?

I'm American and we don't like losing. But that sounded like congratulations to me. "Congratulations" and yes Asafa Powell is fine and the "winner" is fugly.

Oh and Rod there is too damn much coverage of this Jamaican track team. You did the right thing when you ignored them during the Olympics.


Actually i like Asafa Powell better and i'm not american or in the caribbean. But damn this Usain Bolt guy is fast.I keep wondering wht he's gonna do next, run 100M in under 9s? Its almost insane how fast he is.


Good lawd that man is fast!
You go boy!


Well American Dude get use to loosing, cause the Jamaicans are pulling out all the stops. We need to give props where it is due and the Jamaican Team deserves their prop. They are awesome. Bolt, Asafa and even the ladies Veronica, Kerron, Shelly-Ann, Malanie, Sherifa, Novlyn the list goes on... GO JAMAICANS

Bruce K

@ Mitch:
Yes, Jamaica is "pulling out all the stops" for its track team!

Daily Telegraph:

Jamaica in drugs backflip
"JAMAICA has stunningly dismissed doping charges against five of its athletes ..."

Gotta love black gay men especially the island bwoyz dere! Not one word is said on this blog every time there is a story about about the government of Jamaica bashing gays, police beating and jailing gays or crowds attacking and killing da "batty men". But whoa...the track team of the gay hating jerk chicken island wins gold or breaks a records and THEY ARE "AWESOME" smh

Rod I agree with others. Please STOP posting news items about the steroid using track team of this vicious homophobic nation. The food is wonderful, the music is beautiful and the island and its men are very sexy. But they are killing gay men ("boom boom kill dey battyman"), and raping and killing women. Usain Bolt would probably spit in the face of these adoring queens and his country would congratulate him.


Bruce, I am half Jamaican and in Brooklyn, New York City. I am also gay black man.

I hear you loud and clear. You make some very good points about JA government, law enforcement and society. But I am excited for the athletes and for the team. I am excited it gives the country some pride.

I do not love everything about my father's homeland but the blood still does flow in my veins. I am West Indian and American and I cannot change that.

For the record, I have forcefully spoke out against the homophobia and cruelty on the island. It is also here, in my own Brooklyn, but not so much. I speak out about it hear and have sent Rod links and news from both BK and JA.

And I really appreciate and admire Rod and value what he said when this issue came up before. There is a time and place for everything. Please let's not spoil the moment.


Damn this Usain Bolt guy is fast.I keep wondering wht he's gonna do next, run 100M in under 9s? Its almost insane how fast he is.

Jerry Montel

Sweet. Go USAIN go!

Just saw this news online!


@Bruce K: "steroid using track team"??? Please. The athletes who tested positive were kicked off the team and not competing in Berlin. Oh...and the substance that they tested positive for isn't actually a banned substance either...but the Jamaican federation didn't want them competing anyway, precisely because dumb-asses would say exactly what what you said. But be mean-spirited...pity the US dominance only existed when THEY were doped up.





Bruce K


WRONG. The athletes were allowed to compete. The substances were not steroids but another banned stimulant. But you're really parsing if you have to say it "wasn't" a steroid, right?

I have no doubt that Mr. Bolt and Powell are clean. They are outstanding athletes and congrats on their wins. But the island's government is corrupt, the JAAA is shady and has cut corners before. The island is basking in the good publicity of track wins since last summer. It certainly distracts from all those stories about lynching and stabbing gays, crowds demanding battymen be killed and raping women accused of lesbianism, and all the crime.

Very interesting that you have no comment on any of that. Island queens and self hating American gay black men never want to talk about the real story.



i am am a loyal rod 2.0 reader and live in barbados (we lost lol) but am very happy for their win! let us all feel the same!


You people are something else give credit where credit is due. No one said anything when Marion Jones and all the others lied under oath about using drugs. Talk about corrupt government look at Iraq. Jamaica has a rich tradition and we have some outstanding athletes so what if we are dominating America did it for years. Big up all the athletes that did well even Tyson Gay because we are biased like that

Gee Gee

EXCUSE ME, the U.S Dominance in Track and Field was hardly due to steroid use, take it that two of our famous athletes were caught using banned substance. But Carl Lewis, Flo JO, Jackie Joyner Kersee, Gail Dever's, Michael Johnson, Gail Dever's, Maurice Greene was all clean...Not to mention countless others who earned Gold, Silver, Bronze and the like every time they hit the track.

Now Usain Bolt, the person that was being cremed a couple of years ago, now running 9.5 in the 100, does leaves questions open. Lets be honest!!!

But again, the Jamaicans ONLY dominate the Spirnts(100 meters, maybe 200), AND THAT'S IT.

We are kiling them in the 400, hurdles, and other field events where sometimes they don't even place. We celebrate, Usaid Shabba Ranks Bolt, but Please DON'T GET IT TWISTED.


This guy is really has talent.



LOL I was hoping that it would not come down to an US vs them situation. I love track and field. Period. Gongrats Usain 9.58 Gay 9.71 and a lil disappointing Powell 9.84.

Go Kerron Clement...make both the USA and your country of birth Trinidad and Tobago proud.


As for what’s next? Honestly, Bolt himself probably doesn’t even know yet. Could he break the 9.50 barrier? It’s unlikely, considering the fact that he’s in peak sprinting shape at 22 and the wheels won’t last much longer. It could happen, though; he’s got a few years to keep hammering at it.


Usain is fast. It looks like he isn't even giving 100%. If he would stop joking around and mugging for the cameras, he could easily break 9.58!

Jamdown rule

Why are some of these people so negative? As a gay Jamaican self, I know the tribulations faced. But this isn't about that. This is about Bolt Breaking the rcord AGAIN. so I say CONGRATULATIONS!

The individual who commented about steriods should realise that Jamaicans begin to compete in athletics from a young age. The biggest sporting event in high school is the Schools Championships each June. This is where they're all spotted and nurturned. In the late 80's and early 90's many of them used to be promised scholarships if they ran track for American colleges. Many burnt out by the end of college.

Now that we're looking after our own, training our own and nurturing our talent, you want to say they're drugged up?? We've been producing them for years. Now that they stay on the island and wont be poached to run on your teams, you complain. SPoiled sport.

Before Bolt became Olympic Champrion, he was a junior commonwealth Champion in the 200 AND 400m. Go do your research and stop spouting your hate.

Gee Gee

Hatred is saying that AMERICAN'S pretty much CON Jamaican runner's to run for AMERICAN teams, and burn them out. Based on a false contention of scholarships.

Don't be a hypocrite!!!

And two or three Jamaican runners winning does not hardly entitled them "RULER'S" of an ENTIRE sport. Where sometimes again, they don't even place on the stands.


@ BruceK: Could you tell me which of the 5 athletes involved in the doping charges were permitted to compete in Berlin? Simple question. I can tell you. None. And because I don't make statements I can't back up, here's the proof.

On the other issues, sure, there are many screwed up things about Jamaica. But this article, and my post wasn't about that. I was simply responding to an incorrect assertion that you made, that seemed to be borne out of a peevish bit of mean-spiritedness, because the mighty USA is now unable to dominate the sprint events as it used to. Do enjoy the victories today, Sanya Richards etc...we celebrate them too. Especially as Sanya was born and lived in Jamaica for many, many years...and Kerron Clement, your 400M hurdler, is also a Caribbean man...Trini to the bone.

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