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14 August 2009



Why didn't Bill Clinton say all of this while he was in office?

Note to Obama: Let the masses know what's really going on so you don't come off looking like a ball-less, gutless wonder while you are in office. You are losing the health care battle because you won't take off the gloves. Guess what Obama? Republicans and some democrats don't have gloves, just cloven hooves. Fight harder!


I think Bill is placing the responsibility on where it needs to be on the Gay Community. We can't isolate ourselves from the larger majority and than when things don't go are way blame them for not coming to our aid. We need more mobilization around political issues. We need to support other groups and their issues. We need to lobby. Stop blaming others (i.e African Americans for the passing of prop8 and Obama)

@Freeleo I disagree the house and the senate will pass healthcare reform. Everybody is well aware of the scare tactics the republicans are using. Besides Democrats have the majority. And Obama as already went on recording saying he will a pass a bill with or without the GOP!


Regardless of how anyone feels about Bill Clinton, his response is spot on and it is the most complete and honest description we've heard on both of these very bad laws. Ever.

FWIW, I heard Hillary Clinton BEFORE the primaries at Netroots Nation in Chicago and she said the same thing about DOMA, it was meant to prevent a threatened Republican led constitutional amendment. I don't understand why WJC or HRC never explained this to the public, when they were in the WH or later. Why only explain it netroots bloggers?


One more thing...

@Rod, I know you and Lane Hudson are friends but maybe you should tell him that heckling a sitting or former president, and interrupting a speech, is very inappopriate.


Lane Hudson is a self promoting headline grabbing blogger.

My fave comment to Lane @ HuffPo:

I hope you feel better but, Bill Clinton has no more power to influence DADT or DOMA than you. So your clamoring to "debate" as opposed to listen has given you something to brag about but has not advanced the debate. Look, the history of DADT is crucial in this "debate". Clinton had a military and a congress who did not want to discuss the issue AT ALL and the nation was tepid , at best. So what the GLBT community now sees as the biggest affront since Plessy v. Ferguson, was seen at the time as a great victory. DADT was intended to allow gays to stay in the military so long as everyone looked the other way. that was progress at the time; trust me! Now, I agree, that now it seems like a terrible insult that demands a remedy; but with some perspective, the GLBT community must stop attacking the President for not tackling this hot potato head on and create a climate where his support for your cause will not damage his popular support for other legislation, Health Reform, for example . Lyndon Johnson told Dr. King that the art of governing is the favorable timing between the power and the politics. YOU NEED TO STOP YELLING AND GO AFTER THE GENERALS. An order from the president will get you another result just as intolerable as DADT unless the Generals and Sergeants are made to support the idea. ANYTHING ELSE IS JUST YELLING!


Hendly, you said it best. I think there are bigger issues at hand these days. We need to stop the blame game for real because all it's doing is making those of us who want progress (like myself) to distance themselves from the radical. You can't get anything done in the midst of acrimony other than chaos and destruction.

We need to support everybody that stands for a socially progressive stance (aside from just GLBT issues) because otherwise cohesion amongst Progressives will always lay at the door. Nobody wants to deal with a group of people that is unable to sympathize with others' on their issues.


I can't believe it. Both Bill and Hillary read somebody in one week!!


I'm glad Lane spoke up. It is important to know exactly what happened so that there is clarity for a plan of action of what not to do, or what TO do next time a very important issue arises.

This is America and we have all sat back too long and stayed quiet and followed the rules, even when it was/is (as shown just now through Clinton's explanation about the passage of DADT) to our own detriment.

This was one of the most concise, yet thorough explanations of what happened to create DADT that I have read, by then President Clinton. I feel an honesty and a feeling that he was more than happy to give that topic and airing. He felt it wasn't the appropriate time and place, but the truth doesn't need the "right" environment. I commend both of them.

alicia banks

i really miss bubba and his surplus!

hillary was a 2fer

bill started this repeal and he could have finised it via hc

shame we are stuck with the lying and lame likes of obama/gwb 2.0!!!

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