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12 August 2009



This is so sad to me..I am from Burundi and I know friends who are presently in the country and are victims of police hostility and brutality because of this law..It is so revolting because anybody can report you to the police and the next thing you know; you find yourself at the police station with absolutely no protection whatsoever..and you are asked the most degrading and dehumanizing questions...then beaten..ENOUGH is ENOUGH


The only way this will end is if pressure is put on the "key international donors, such as Belgium, the Netherlands and the European Union," to end all of their donations.

President Nkurunziza may not know much about human rights, but I'm sure he knows a lot about cash.


My heart goes out to you, Etienne, your friends, and others who suffer from this gross violation of human rights and decency. It makes me appreciate my life even more in the US. I have never had to live in fear of the police or the state for being gay, or people calling in to report me. As the saying goes, "There, but for the grace of God, go I."


This just breaks my heart, hopefully things will somehow change and about the only way it will is to cut off all international moeny to the despots.


Thx Ravenback...

Here is more info on this subject


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