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21 August 2009



>>>The restaurant denies discriminating against the lesbian couple and claims the embrace got "a little X-rated."<<<

Right. This is always the excuse with gay and lesbian couples who are harrassed for PDA, they are not discriminating but we always go too far. smh


a beautiful and inspirational couple/

i am hurt and upset they were discriminated but very happy they took a stand

and a role model for other black gay lesbians and black gay men

so many of us are afraid to come out of the closet and these women are on television professing their love and fighting for their rights!


you go girls!


Absolutely disgusting. If the restaurant has a policy about PDA, then it should be clearly posted. But I'm quite sure their policy is called "Make it up as you go along." LGBT groups need to send in "straight" couples to these restaurants and record management's actions when they see them displaying "objectionable" PDAs. It's not any different than when minorities are discriminated against in housing, and whites are sent in to expose the discrimination. This restaurant needs to be busted.

Of course, they would have to show an old crusty black woman to talk about decorum. Yeah right. Decorum is only brought up when gays and lesbians are concerned.

Kevin Perez

Me thinks their harmless embrace was "x-rated" in the sick, perverse minds of the restraunt owners. Anything to exaggerate and portray LGBT as these sex-starved maniacs with uncontrable urges that attack White, heterosexual, Christian family values. Of course, we're looking at women of color as well. *gasp* Two Black women embracing each other!?. Black and lesbian! Like Helen Lovejoy says from The Simpsons:

"Won't someone please think of the children!" is perhaps what is on the minds of these @$$holes or how deviant they are.


And I hope they sue, odd how when its a same sex couple it becomes an issue that its a "family" place and when straight folks are trying to suck the life out of each other while kissing at the same place, its OK, gay, its wrong and not right, SUE young ladies, SUE and they will stop winging it on who can do what.

Doug Cooper Spencer

Just think, if that embrace had been between an interracial couple decades ago, it too would have caused them to be ejected.
This is only one important push against the legal status of the lgbt community. We have to keep up the fight.


THAT You Tube video is the restaurant's evidence?? It looks to me like 2 people waiting for food at 2am and 1 rests her head on the other. Ladies, you call it like it is and hold them accountable for discrimination


@ Kevin Perez

It's very good to hear from you again.

Chitown Kev

I second Ravensback, Kevin P.

Matt Tischler

They weren't even kissing. The restaurant has no leg to stand on.

My @ tha Hotness

I've watch the entire video and am still waiting to see the alleged x-rated portion...

Rearend Aligner

There is a time and a place for such behavior, gay or straight, and a restaurant is not the place for it. The manager was appropriate in asking that such behavior not be conducted in his establishment, yet he should have pulled the hetero couple up too. If I wanted to observe couples making out while I'm eating, I'll put a flick in the DVD and warm up some leftovers.


steven sears attorney discrimation plaintiff council had an employment law matter pending

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