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04 August 2009



That is MESSED UP! I wonder if it was Britney Spears that hit him. You know they're letting her drive again! LOL! Anyway Best of Luck to Mr. Shemar!

and I didn't know he was 39, he seems to be holding up pretty well.

Derrick from Philly

I wish him well too, Miss Isis. I still remember his pretty penis from that photograph on the nude beach in Hawaii. I wish it w...I mean, I wish him well.


WOW. I love him and he's so good on CRIMINAL MINDS! That's my favorite show...just smart and suspenseful.

It was probably one of his co-stars who couldn't take how much the director makes him look lovely!

LOL...they will write it in or hold production or something! THEY ARE NOT GOING TO MISS PUTTING HIM ON CAMERA!


Lol @ linking to those infamous TP comments. Gotta love those 40 year old, unmarried, unattached "single" men. Get well soon, Shemar.



if anything, what they will do is probably shoot eps where Moore is either sitting down a lot or not as mobile as he normally is...

or, if they do right this into the show, he'll probably be given time to recouperate...

i mean, they shoot 3 episodes a month and Shemar is ALWAYS in everyone...plus they know MOST of their fanbase si shemar moore fans. they BETTER find a way to keep him in the upcoming eps and let him recouperate at home! LOL!

alicia banks

glad he is ok
i love him


on my way to shemar's house to kiss his boo-boo..


Out of the way, everybody I'm a doctor!

Uh....Okay not really, but still.....LOL!:)


The more I think about it, the worse I feel for him. He's such a physically active dude that this has got to be a nightmare for him.

Get well soon Shemar!

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