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07 August 2009



so this is what Faux calls news these days?

i wonder if it's easy for them to just stick with the negativity day after day since there's really nothing positive coming from the Republican party.

Derrick from Philly

Another pitiful-azz Nazi.

The Right-Wingnuts must be miserable every day-- since the election. Every time they see President on TV they get horrific fits of rage and bowel blockage. Good.


Rod: Okay we get it! We understand you do not like Republicans or conservative! Is there any good news you will report Republicans or will you continue with the usual liberal "trash the GOP' at every opportunity?

This blog and the other big gay blogs constantly shill for Democrats. Let me see your precious Obama and the Democratic Party push for marriage equality!

And shouldn't you report on the diversity of views within the gay Black community? I am tired of the Republican bashing on this blog.


I think Rod should stop "bashing" Republicans when they stop bashing gays, blacks, Hispanics, the poor and all the other non-white, non-rich people in America.

Danny Rivera


Glenn Beck, McCain and Palin (and most Republican congress) woon't even support hate crimes laws or bullying laws. Now you want take a quantum leap to Obama and marriage?



Cincy, Rod has posted his disappointment with Obamas stance on Gay marriage and many of the posters here have done the same.


Cincy: get a life! you don't like what Rod has to say, go some damn where else? You're complaining YET you still come here..FOH

Why is Glenn Beck STILL on tv or radio? why is he still relevant?

I don't care for Pelosi either (i.e. she's always been suspect and her political flip flopping to suit her agenda is SO tired and lame), but jokingly talking about "poisoning" someone? that idiotic...

Cincy: stormfront.com, Faux News Network and various other right wing sites are *MORE* up your alley GO THERE and don't come back, ok?



If George Bush was president and a liberal joked about poisoning a Republican Speaker of the House, the department of homeland security would probably have been knocking at his door. The worse part is that people watch his show and Fox News and general and believe in this nonsense.


This creep really needs to be arrested for making terrorist threats, and, since he's too big a coward to say it to their faces, the words of hate will get into the minds of the dimwits of the GOP fringe, which is scarier than this churls worlds. And, everyone needs to get on thatlist to get sponsors to BOYCOTT his shwo and Fixed Noise, it does work.



I am sick of Fox Snews getting to get away with THREATS and VIOLENT LANGUAGE under the guises of commentary! If this was a man of color, there would be charges.

But the real deal is that these idiots do this stuff to make sure we talk about them, so from now on, I say:



I can't believe people find things that Beck or Limbaugh say acceptable. Beck joking about killing Pelosi, saying Obama is a man who hates white people even though he is half white and Limbaugh basically saying Obama is worse than Hitler, a man responsible for the death of millions of Jews. People like this need to just shut the hell up or be put in asylums where they can't hurt the regular people. I'm all for free speech but people in the media need to realize what they say gets heard by everyone and things like this really encourage the loons out there.


glenn beck is a nut case, a whinning little punk, a total loser. He's the type that cruises the red light district looking for sex with crack heads or one who finally gets caught lusting after young children. This guy grosses me out big time!

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