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10 August 2009


Keith C

Wow. I am totally speechless and cannot even put my mind around this. Is this poor man going ex-gay? I hope not ...



Nathan James

The ability of the "ex-gay" movement within some churches to brainwash is both sickening and astonishing. If Pomie walks because of this, it will be a travesty of jurisprudence and a slap in the face to our community.


I can't.




"Stockholm Syndrome"


this is unbelievable. dwan going "exgay" could get this hateful attacker only a few years in prison. i just cannot fathom what made this happen or what was going thru his mind.


Wow, don't know what else to say other than wow, this is just sad.

Emanuel Xavier

As a victim of a random act of violence myself (which was written off as simply another gay bashing) around the same time several years ago, I have to weigh in on this. I think it is great that he has come to a place of forgiveness but find it disturbing that he would blame himself and look to change his lifestyle. None of this takes away from the fact that he was indeed a victim of a hate crime.

Derrick from Philly

Well, the bastard did beat Dwan in his head. There was more than physical damage. Lord, have mercy.


No matter what sort of nonsense is in the victim's mind now, that doesn't change the facts of the case. The gay basher committed a hate crime and should be punished for it.

Any judge worth their robe would conclude that the victim is not of completely sound mind and disregard his writings.

Lang B

I agree with soulbrotha.

Wash sperm - find a woman and then life is ALL better.
Eyebrows arched and my eyes to the ceiling.

Kevin Perez

God, do I hate Straight POC sometimes. These heterosexuals should be given a death sentence and reminded that what they see in LGBT is exactly what they are larger soceity: A piece of sh*t on someone's shoe. A middle class, heterosexual, Protestant, White (Anglo-Saxon) male's shoe.


No comment on the ex-gay stuff, but even if you're going down that route, there's no excuse for someone laying hands on you. I wonder if he considered that he's sending out the message that it's acceptable for a straight man to beat up any man he suspects is hitting on him. Surely that's not something any Christian worth his salt could support.

What does that bit about getting his sperm washed mean? I've never heard that phrase before.


I am disgusted by this crap. As once being a target of gaybashing, I cannot support Dwan's change of heart. First let me make this clear. I sympathize with his HIV status. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. But since that sympathy is out of the way now, Dwan is a pathetic creature. He is confused, lost, and misguided.

When a person gets to a point where he actually believes that he deserved to be abused and assaulted, he has lost his soul. God teaches that no one deserves to be treated like this, and that you are not responsible for the evil actions of others. His church is obviously infesting his brain with feelings of self-loathing and self-hatred. I would suggest that he quit that church and begin a journey to find his soul and maybe find his balls along the way.

I'm sorry, but I can't fathom ever understanding his feelings of remorse and guilt. What does he have remorse for, and what did he do to feel guilty about? I have never felt remorseful or guilty when I bashed back against the two men who bashed me in the back of my head. I did what any human would try to do -- survive. On the other hand, Dwan gets attacked and he apologizes to the man who beat him on two separate occasions and came back for a third. That's pathetic. I find him to be disgusting, and I don't apologize for feeling that way.

Listen up my fellow LGBT brothers and sisters. We have to stop walking around with our heads in the clouds and expecting that nothing will happen to us out there in an often ugly world. I don't mean to offend anyone with that statement. I'm just saying that we have to be prepared for the worst and have a plan of action in our minds. I would like for everyone who reads this to take a few moments and think about what you would do if you were attacked by someone. Will your first thought be to run away or fight back? Because whatever you decide, you have to do it with all your energy and might. There is no half-stepping, because it can cause you your life. I'm not trying to raise an army of militant LGBT folks, but we have to start fighting back. I operate under the motto of full retaliation. If someone is going to attack me, then I'm taking them out. As Sophie said to Celie, "You better bash Mister's brains in and think about Heaven later."

I'm angry and disgusted over this article. Dwan is going to get nothing but the worst in life because he refuses to take charge. I hope he has fun though.



This is the next level of self-hatred and internalized homophobia and that slave mentality and the "God hates you" mentality of the church finally landing in the seat of the soul of a real human being.

This brother thinks its his fault and he's listening to hateful preachers and watching YouTube clips of Gay Exorcism and being talked about and bruised (THIS DUDE CAME TO BEAT HIM ONCE, TWICE, THREE TIMES!!!!) This is a mess and I feel so much anger and rage about this because I want to shake the victim and get him to snap out of this mess, but we many of our men--GAY MEN OF COLOR--are SO broken by the stuff in our communities of color about homosexuality AND the stuff within our Gay communities about looks and self-image and eliticism and I am always praying and pressing for us to build something real BECAUSE this is the kind of brother who feels kicked out and left out and when beaten, says its his fault because he wasn't good enough!

I am aching in my soul right now, because I can see in that brother's eyes this pain, this disconnect, this hurt that says NOBODY WANTS ME AND SO I ENDED UP HERE.

I am so prayer about what we need to do next because between THIS STORY and the article from Doug Spearman, addressing the RACISM in the GAY COMMUNITY and now the HOMOPHOBIA in the BLACK COMMUNITY, we've got to do SOMETHING REAL and bring our best and brightest and most passionate and compassionate to the table and REALLY TALK THIS SUGARHONEYICEDTEA OUT!

It's Community Building Time!

I can't just sit back and say POOR GUY. There are REAL REASONS why this guy says this. There are REAL REASONS by the ex-gay movement is working so hard on Black Gay Church boys who feel left out. There are REAL REASONS I see dudes say online EVERYDAY "I HATE BEING GAY" "I WISH I WASN'T GAY" "DO YOU THINK YOU CAN STOP BEING GAY" because we are as hateful INSIDE the house as the mess going on OUTSIDE of the house!

It's time that we come together and have a new conversation because this hatred is now longer creeping into our house--IT HAS NOW OFFICIALLY KICKED THE DOOR IN AND IS TRYING TAKE OVER THE HOUSE!

As for me and my House, I plan to STAND!


So what will it take to lock-up gaybashers behind bars?
Definitely not through the court of law, it seems.


It's good that that the man has come to a place forgiveness, for the sake of his own peace of mind. But that peace will be short-lived (IMO). Of course I know what likely brought on this desire to accept the blame for his aggressors actions. All of us should know. Too many of us are taught beginning up that being ourselves is wrong and that we’re shameful and deserve hurt and abuse. And while many of us are able to wake up and see this for the load of crap that it is, too many others are left vulnerable, and waiting for that thing that will give us some peace. And that's where the "ex-gay movements & ministries of the world step in. They exploit the weak, and the defeated, just like any other abuser, telling our brothers and sisters that they do drugs because they're gay, that they find themselves in unsuccessful relationships because they’re gay. That they hurt, and get hurt and in this case, deserve hurt because they're gay. And far too many of us begin to believe them.

It's sad because this guy’s been victimized yet again and he doesn't even know it. Yet. But as continues to seek that “right woman”, and peace in his faith, he will come to learn what so many of us have already learned. God’s love won’t be enough for him, until he can let go of that internalized hate and love himself. I wish the man a peaceful journey.


Sounds like he beat his brains out.


It's interesting that when you click the link to the article, there's a photo of him standing next to a advertisement for Ann Coulter. How ironic?


Absolutely disgusting and warped, if the reporter quoted him correctly. I wish I could say I'm surprised, but this is the predictable result of making excuses for homophobic behavior and self-hating behavior (I won't mention any incidences recently). Then we stand with our mouths gaping open when homophobic bile that is beyond wacked comes out of somebody's mouth.

This is EXACTLY the desired effect of a hate crime and it is stomach turning to see this kind of terrorism working. It actually got this guy to explore going back into the closet.

This is classic conservative Christianity with all of its moral bankruptcy: using "forgiveness" and "turn the other cheek" to disarm the oppressed and make victims give their tormentors a free pass.


Wash sperm?

DW Jazzlover

This is deep!! Someone is putting words in this Childs mouth!!!


I pray that God will help him see the truth--that he is a victim of a dangerous & murderous thug.

Mel Smith

This brother has become a victim of internalize self-hatred.

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