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03 August 2009


King Drive

I am soooo over Roland Martin.

It;s very unfortunate that CNN relies on him so much. Many of his talking points are written verbatim from his pastor, homobigot Rev. James T. Meeks. Black women are NOT the face of HIV, Roland! All of us are, but black gay men are infected in far higher rates.

Chitown Kev

Black and Latino men have been the face of HIV/AIDS since the mid-80's. Not to minimize the impact of AIDS on black women, but thank you Roland Martin for being such a douchebag that you can once again completely ignore those black gay brothers that help Sister Erma praise the Lawd on Sunday morning.

Shane Moseley

judge penny is speaking truth to power. the black church is totally hypocritical on aids. even some of these pastors are DL and won't address aids in their churches.

roland martin is an epic fail. thanks for continuing to call him out, rod.

oh and welcome back! hope you are felling better, you were missed! :0


>>>Black media and many black churches continue to re-frame HIV/AIDS as impacting "women and children" the hardest<<<

And this is why our community continues to ignore gay black men and our suffering. The church and black media, after ignoring us for years, now pretends we aren't even suffering from HIV.

Anthony in Nashville

I haven't heard of that judge but good for her for speaking some common sense!

As far Roland, well, he is part of the problem and I've been too through with him for quite some time.

There does seem to be a movement to "elevate" (and I hate to use that word) straight black women as the most innocent/worthy people with HIV while leaving black gay men off to the side... AGAIN!


I watched that "Reclaiming the Dream" show last night. They talked about LGBT issues but focusing ONLY in the HIV pandemic among Black people -which is important but it gives the sense that both are necessarily related (being LGBT=getting infected) which can promote homophobia at the end.

The panelists in that show said things that I think most people already know, so they sounded to me like an Obama speech: very nice words to hear but at the end, nothing new is said. Also they talked and talked blaming especially Black people of their problems. Now I wonder how many African Americans trust what comes out of CNN anyways.

Ryan Canty

Judge Brown Reynolds and Sheryl Lee Ralph were the probably two of the BETTER things about the pointless panel....

im glad Reynolds SPOKE TRUTH...of course, people REALLY weren't hearing her.

and i'm so OVER CNN constantly referring to Nella Larsen/Tragic Mulatta Soledad O'Brien as being THE POC expert at CNN...she only RECENTLY started claiming she was black...she is SO tired, it's not even funny.


It's no coincidence that blacks are the Most Religious, The Most Poor, and The Highest Rate of HIV Infection.

When you have the black church preaching and teaching that SEX in itself is bad before marriage let alone SAFE SEX out of marriage. How can you adequately equip a community to protect its sexual health?

I truly believe that RELIGION is the enemy of Public Health policy. I just read on the news that a man allowed his 11 year old daughter to die of diabetes rather than seek medical treatment. PRAYER he believed would do the trick.

And the black church has been cowardice and gross in dealing with the AIDS epidemic from the get go.



I have to agree pretty much with Mr. FAMU. It is time to turn the page on the traditional black church and move on the another chapter. Or maybe people need to write a new book on the subject. I come from a different perspective in which I don't hold the black church in such great esteem. I don't think the black church can be turned from its destructive course. The black church has long since declined from the heyday of the civil rights movement of the 50s and 60s. The black church even started to turn their backs on Martin Luther King, Jr. when he started to speak out against the Vietnam War and the economic disenfranchisement of the black community.

I know that I'll probably offend many here, but it's time for the black LGBT community to ditch the black church and make a new way. It's time to stop slamming our heads against the rigid wall of doctrine that spews from the pulpits. We know that they are a bunch of hypocrites because we have interacted with them many times before. The preachers, reverends, bishops, pastors, deacons, choir directors, choir singers, ushers, and the regular church folks are all the same. They sit up there in the church saying, "Amen!", to the condemnations of homosexuality and then they go out and practice their homosexuality. If they don't want me in their house, then why am I going to humiliate myself while trying to get invited over? If you answer that by saying that you would never subject yourself to that type of treatment, then why would you expose yourself to the same treatment when going to an anti-gay church? That's a question people seriously need to ponder. Because to me, that represents low self-esteem and a lack of dignity.

I just don't get worked up over the black church anymore. Perhaps I never did. When I left, I left for good. There are other venues to worship and pray to God. The traditional black church is not the only way.


Cosign Raven Back!

Chitown Kev


Cosign 250%.

And I'm nor above calling them out either.


Lord, I hate the bloated bag of manure that is Roland Martin! Sigh..with that out of the way, we have to give up on this idea of engaging the black church on HIV/AIDS. This disease has been raging in our community and nation for almost 30 years and the black church has failed miserably in confronting this pandemic. It's not the 1960s anymore, we free ourselves from the quaint notion that the black church is the be all and end all of of black life. We should be fighting for dollars for secular organizations to combat this problem.

The black church is nothing but a nest of hypocrites. They claim to be so conservative, so biblical-correct, so morally straight-laced, but where are the weekly sermons about the fact that 70% (and counting) of black children are born out of wedlock? Where is the shame directed at the women who open their legs and breed for every hoodlum who knock on their door? Where is the weekly religous condemenation for the legions of men who abandon their children, but celebrate the gangsta life? Why aren't they addressing the rapid deterioration of black family life in America and the resulting disaster this has for black children, black communities and the country in general? Where is the shame that they pour like water on gays every Sunday? Why aren't straight black people so ashamed of their behavior that they hide their illegitmate pregnancies and prison records instead of talking (bragging) about it on every street corner, on every bus or subway like it's no big thing? Please, if blacks are so religous, we should be the moral exemplars of America instead of a walking experiment in cultural dysfunction. Black people aren't religous at all, we just go to church a lot.

We just love to use the anti-intellectual rubbish produced by often barely literate ministers to justify our ignorance and bigotry. The black church will never step up to address HIV/AIDS properly. We need to abandon that dream. We don't have another 30 years to waste.

J Matt

You go Judge Penny. Job well done. Truth hurts.



Now that was a speech.


((waving church fan))

g'ahead mjolnir202

alicia banks

i love her!

shame so few ever even bother to mention gays in such black discussions...

kudos to jp!

alicia banks


rm's main problem is that he is a typical rev

pastor = gaybasher first & "journalist" second

shame but true




Judge Penny Brown Reynolds has a syndicated court show, so check your tv listings if you want to watch her show.

Anyways, Roland Martin is only good for one thing and that is the assurance if they argument involves race that he will get all worked up. I've been through with him since last year when he did those specials on CNN and basically ignored the discussion of same-sex issues aside from same-sex marriage argument.

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