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19 August 2009


Sean Beasley

Yes a real man! With some hair!

I like that, I like that!

Looking very good Mr Larry Fitzgerald!

Face and Waist

Oh dayumn daddy.


This man is so sexy, i was so disappointed when he lost the Superbowl. Oh and yes he does have the best buns in the NFL, I would definitely say.

Sasha Not So Fierce



Sasha--Excuse me?
That is a gorgeous man, at peace with himself and very masculine.

I sincerely doubt he is what you call a "butch queen".


Why is there always a bitter person that has to chime in? Remember the saying..."If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything."


Open question: who would win in a "butt-off" between Tyson Gay and Larry Fitzgerald?

Those are some major league buns.


Sexy indeed..But is that a camel toe?..LOL..Either way..That smile is something else..

BTW...Don't you hate it when queens call other people queens?



On top of being an accomplished athlete, smart, and having the body of life, he is good looking too.

R. O.

Sigh... I saw him on ESPN's E-60 last night. Still on a high from seeing and listening to him on that program.

What a welcomed post! Thanks Rod!



Thank you. He is among my favorites (DHANI IS STILL #1), but I love Larry. He's beautiful, brilliant on the field, articulate and sexy indeed.

I've already finished this, by the time you read it, and run to the store and bought several copies! (I always buy these kinds of mags with Black people are on the cover since they always determine whether our people can sell mags!)...Sure, that's my MAIN reason for buying it! LOL.

But again, thanks for featuring this sexy and mature and yes, hairy hottie!


All i can say is that is PHYNE~SILLY!!

to ImJusSayinIsAll:

Queens can give that title to other Queens, that's how it works! It takes one to know one for sure-


Larry is fantastic. My only question is: do they also show him doing the workout that gets his booty in such great shape?:)


@ Anyone

Why couldn't he be a butch queen? And why is their any negativity associated with that term? Butch queen is another word for gay male popularized by the ballroom community, not the end of the world. The spectrum of butch queen is quite broad. It isn't alien for one to be a butch queen and be so very "masculine" as Larry Fitzgerald is. The girls, the girls! In fact, what Larry Fitzgerald is giving on the cover is a popular aesthetic in the Black and latino gay community. Fall in.


Seahawk, nothing will be Tyson Gay--ever. Maybe Gilbert Arenas--maybe.

James M


Derrick from Philly

Yes, CHAZ, many gay men don't realize how influential the Ball Children are to black gay culture (or various black gay cultures). The term "butch Queen" applies to gay men who love to beautify themselves (eye brows, a little make-up, fancy hair do), but DO NOT think of themselves as feminine. In fact, they work hard at making their bodies look like Fitzgerald (slender, but muscular). I had a couple of intimate encounters with Butch Queens. We didn't thrill each other, but we managed to....enjoy each other and say, goodbye.

Butch Queens are fabulous...that is, when they don't have an unpleasant attitude (but that's the same for everybody).

Mikey--He Likes It

Every time I see this man in his bright white form fitting Cardinals uniform I get heart palpitations. That booty is a work of art!!! A jock without the jock mentality. Total husband material.


I agree with you regarding Tyson Gay. He wins the gold in the Booty Olympics.
But thank you for mentioning Gilbert Arenas. He also takes the cake(s).
That covers football, track & hoops.
Baseball: Jermaine Dye
Tennis: James Blake


Hehe, he looks a lot like my bf, lucky me!


Anthony Recker for Baseball...flickr him and find out.

And that's all I'm saying.

I'm missing a few other challengers in the Booty Olympics, though. LOL

Who else do you think I'm missing?


Oh damn, that is one HOT piece of booty. I love a hairy chest and this tight bro has a beautiful one. Pic with the folded arms is sexy as hell. Gotta have me some of that.


Finally a Larry Fitsgerald pic shirtless. Worth the wait. He's awesome.

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