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13 August 2009



I'm speechless. Wow.


these homo hating african countries have been brainwashed by american churches. how in the hell is same sex marriage a threat in a nation where you can be executed for being gay?


i'm so sick of the plague of religion.

Derrick from Philly

"these homo hating african countries have been brainwashed by american churches."

Bribed too, Carlos. Silly landlocked folks...well, I mean, the folks in their government.


It's so sad that people continue to use religion to spread hate against others.

It's also strangely ironic that a country which such anti-gay legislation would benefit from the philanthropy of a gay icon (i.e. Madonna)

Chitown Kev


OK, why would the government even need to ban same-sex marriage if homosexuality is illegal.

Ok, and can I say this: those would be WHITE american churches


Yet another sad chapter in human history. My heart goes out to all the brave LGBT souls in Malawi who have to suffer through these unbearable laws. It makes you appreciate our lives more in the US. One day, maybe we all will be free to exist openly and honestly.

Mel Smith

In using religion to HATE us gay folks, homophobes actually think God supports them. In reality, people who support discrimination against gays are prejudice demons. They believe that they are doing God's work by discriminating against us. Homophobic people are not followers of God. They are posessed by Satin.


Religion strikes again.And honestly blaming the "american church" over africa's homophobia is not being fair here(i think). Being african myself, i don't think our people need "white folks" or their money to hate us.They just do.infact they even say "homosexuality" is a western thing.

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