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25 August 2009


Nathan James

If the Ambulance Call Report (ACR) filed by the paramedics does, in fact, state that Dr. Murray only mentioned that Jackson was given Ativan, that could be a very crucial piece of evidence against the doctor. ACRs are legal documents, part of he patient's permanent medical record, and as such they are "discoverable" in legal proceedings.

If Murray didn't tell the ambulance crew all the medications likely to in Jackson's system, this omission would clearly have serious effects on the treatment Jackson was given. Propofol is a powerful central-nervous system (CNS) depressant, which is why it must only be administered in a hospital setting, under the supervision of an anesthesiologist, which Dr. Murray was not.

If it is shown that Dr. Murray deliberately withheld this critical information from the medics and ER staff, that in itself would be an example of nonfeasance. If the medics, nurses and doctors working on Jackson didn't know he had Propofol in his bloodstream, they wouldn't have followeed the protocol for narcotic overdose, which is to give the patient naloxone hydrochloride (Narcan). Narcan works by reversing the effects of CNS depressants like heroin, or anasthetic agents like Propofol. It truly is a "wonder drug". I've seen it restore breathing in seconds to patients in respiratory arrest secondary to OD'ing. But docs can't treat what they never hear about.

This is looking worse and worse for Dr. Murray as time goes by. It's sounding a lot like Murray was trying to cover his A$$ets even as MJ lay dying...


Dr. Murray can't justify why he didn't call paramedics when he first discovered Michael was not breathing. And what about the phone calls he made between the time Michael stopped breathing and when 911 was called? Why did he let Michael die without putting up a better effort to save him?

Joy Reed

I thought Dr. Murray was suspicious from the beginning. Now the truth is coming out.

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