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03 August 2009



Who cares what that old troll thinks about anything? Sotomayor is a lock for the Court.


I'm sorry, but who is John McCain? lol

Chitown Kev

oh, please.


In a state which has a huge Hispanic vote, let him vote against her. He didn't do that well with Hispanics in his home state when he ran for president, and, be assured, the DNC will let the Latin vote know how he voted on her, just like they will on that other one, Kyl who just gives me the creeps.


We can only hope that McCain votes against Sotomayor.

The Republicans may hope to ride the endless anti-gay wave to victory among Latinos, but at least a few of them pay attention to other issues as well.

I know a few Latinos (and black people, too) who watch Fox News and masochistically swallow every racist innuendo that Fox serves up. These folks may already be wealthy, or they have fantasies that one day, they will be among the "winners," too. But there are more than a few Latinos with more self-respect than this.

So you go, McCain.


That would be so interesting to live in some alternate universe where pasty face, night of the living John Mccain & no clue, quitter Sarah Palin as President and VP.......Scary thought

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